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Honeywell Track and Trace


Location Is Everything

With needlepoint precision, determine the current and previous locations of anything.




Drive Compliance

Updated serialization, automation and tracking capabilities.


Get Better Visibility

Protect brands and prevent fraud from entering the supply chain.


See Micro-Level Insights 

Item level serialization for accurate product identification. 


Maximize Loyalty

Maximize consumer loyalty by linking product information to customer data. 

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Frequently Asked Questions

Which industries benefit from Honeywell Track and Trace?

Honeywell Track and Trace serves highly regulated industries such as tobacco, pharma, chemicals, agro products and medical devices. The solution also helps protect brands and prevent fraud in other regulated industries such as automotive parts, explosives, food and beverage, meat traceability, logistics and manufacturing.

How can a track and trace solution help with counterfeiting?

A track and trace solution can help companies effectively manage their supply chain and reduce the trade of illicit products. The solution provides a singular view of distribution through serialization, automation and the ability to manage of large data volumes. In addition, robust modules help better address regulatory requirements.

Can Honeywell Track and Trace handle large, complex amounts of data (i.e., big data)?

Honeywell Track and Trace has a reliable and scalable database to handle high data traffic and storage volumes.  Our highly configurable and secure solution is globally deployable, cloud-based and proven across 100+ blue chip companies. 

What is the Tobacco Products Directive and how can Honeywell Track and Trace help with compliance?

This legislation outlines the rules governing the manufacture, presentation and sale of tobacco and related products in the EU. For tobacco distributing businesses doing business in the EU, the Tobacco Product Directive (TPD) requires all operations to be in full compliance with EU regulations. Noncompliance can result in fines or losing the ability to distribute in the EU. Honeywell Track and Trace helps tobacco distributing business maximize supply chain transparency via traceability, and better meet these EU standards.

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Address Regulatory Requirements for Supply Chain

Effectively manage your supply chain, reduce or eliminate the illicit trade of products and better ensure compliance with regulatory requirements.

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Operational Efficiency for Supply Chain

Protect brands and prevent fraud from entering the supply chain, which delivers a measurable return on investment.

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