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Honeywell UniSim® Design Suite


Effective and Accurate Process Simulation

Create steady-state and dynamic models for your plant design under the same environment.



Optimize Energy and Emissions 

Pull in operating data and tune models to represent a real plant.

Reduce Cost

Fast and efficient flowsheeting of steady state and dynamics modeling. 

Meet Objectives

Optimize designs to meet operational and business objectives.

Ease of Use

Create and visualize process flowsheets with an intuitive, easy- to-use interface. 

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Frequently Asked Questions

Who typically uses UniSim process simulation?

Industries that use Unisim are:

        Upstream Oil and Gas

        Midstream and LNG



        Green Hydrogen and CCUS


Within those industries, users and applications include: 

    •    End-user design engineers, technology licensors and engineering, procurement, and construction (EPC) use UniSim for conceptual design, feasibility analysis and capital expenditure optimization. 

    •    Process engineers and consultants use UniSim for margin optimization, retrofit analysis and energy/GHG optimization. 

        Process and technical service engineers use UniSim for off-line optimization, what-if analysis and post-event investigation.

Can you provide specific use cases for UniSim?

UniSim is multi-purpose and provides valuable analysis and decision-making capabilities throughout the project or plant asset lifecycle. Use cases include:

    Feasibility studies

    Performance monitoring

    Front-end engineering design

    Detailed engineering design

    Engineering studies

    Process de-bottlenecking


    Operations analysis

    Control and safety system check-out

    Business and decision support

    Process CO2 emission calculation

    Engine for Honeywell Connected Workforce Competency

    Enabling end-to-end optimization

•    Asset management

What are some of the sustainability features?

Some of the sustainability features in Honeywell UniSim Design Suite include:

    Faster accurate modeling of CO2 capture and transportation processes.

    CO2 emissions accounting utility.

    Electrolyzer capabilities (alkaline electrolyzer [AEL] and proton exchange membrane [PEM] unit operation) for Green H2 production.

Do you have metrics related to customer outcomes?

Honeywell UniSim Design Suite customer observed outcomes include:

    Reduction in CAPEX by 10% or more*

    Reduction in engineering time by 10% or more*

•    Increase in yields by 3-8%*

*Honeywell UniSim Design Suite customer observed outcomes

What features are in the R492 release?

UniSim® Design R492 includes upgrades to key features for upstream, downstream and engineering, procurement, and construction (EPC) customers. The release key features include:


        Green H2, addition of alkaline electrolyzer unit operation.

        CO2 capture, capability to model  Selexol-based flowschemes.

        CO2 emissions, upgraded emission utility to include classification of Scope 1 and 2 emissions.

        EO diagnostics improvements.

        EO pipe model holdup addition.

        Addition of IAPWS 1997 steam package.

        Update of parametric utility for ease of reactor tuning.

        Enhance tray sizing utility with UOP’s calculation methods.

        Distillation column hydraulic correlations' update.

        Addition of column analysis plots  for valve and bubble cap trays and packed column sections.

    •    GUI refresh and new controls.

    •    Update of ribbon bar and palette.


More information about the R492 release.

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