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Reduce Unplanned Downtime

20-80% reduction in unplanned downtime. (Based on customer observed outcomes.)

Increase Efficiency

5% efficiency increases through better energy utilization. (Based on customer observed outcomes.)

Reduce Incidents

50% reduction in the number and cost of EHS related incidents. (Based on customer observed outcomes.)

Practice RP584 

Align to API recommended practice on integrity operating windows.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Why can operating to alarm limits be risky?

Control room operators often rely heavily on alarm limits to drive industrial processes to meet production plans. This increases the risk of abnormal situations and leaves little opportunity to run processes optimally to increase efficiency, reduce off-spec production and drive increased throughput and yield.

What is the potential cost of abnormal situations or operating outside defined limits?

Operating outside defined limits is responsible for to up to 76% of abnormal situations and equipment failures. This is a major contributor to the $20 billion per year lost to unplanned downtime in the process industry.

Why are proper shift handovers so critical in industrial operations?

Many industrial accidents and incidents occur within hours of a shift handover and are often due to failures in communication or misunderstandings. Incidents often take place during maintenance work or in the implementation of changes. 

To help keep this from happening, consistency and access is key. Paper-based shift logs are restrictive in what they capture and can’t be easily shared with all those that need them. Even custom electronic document and email solutions require operators to spend significant time gathering data rather than operating their process. In both cases, a consistent shift handover process is difficult to achieve with this current process.

Tools designed to help manage and control critical limits, shift handovers, and process deviations are needed to better achieve effective operations management.

Key Resources

Bridge Operational Silos
Don't wait for alarms. Increase awareness and get early insights on operational performance.
Manage Integrity
Operational excellence requires a clear understanding of a facility's process variables, operational constraints and production targets.
Drive Informed Decisions
Drive informed decisions and operational compliance through safe and profitable operating windows.
Streamline Shift Handovers
Shift handover is a common source of revenue loss and safety incidents. Learn how to streamline this process.
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