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The rapid growth of e-commerce — combined with rising costs and consumer demand for fast shipping — means more pressure on every point in the supply chain. Delivering on budget, on time and at the speed consumers want requires an accurate view of your assets, processes and people. Our technology and data solutions can support your logistics journey, help uncover hidden inefficiencies, and assist you with increasing accuracy and productivity.  



Logistics & Supply Chain Specialties

Honeywell Logistics & Supply Chain Solutions at Work

     Connected Supply Chain

Reduce or eliminate illicit trade and support your compliance with regulatory requirements. Get real-time visibility and reporting of products down to the micro-level. 

     Connected Assets and Processes 

Remain competitive, protect profits, harness scalability and apply advanced intelligence to help you make informed decisions at your distribution center and warehouse. 


     Industrial Cybersecurity

Attack prevention and near real-time risk monitoring for highly regulated industries. With solutions designed to help avoid downtime and cyber threats in supply chain environments. 

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Reduce OT Cybersecurity Risk

Reduce risk by using a solution that helps you stop cyber attacks before they happen to keep your products, people and data safer.


Aid in Mobilizing Operational Efficiency for Buildings

Building-wide efficiency, safety and sustainability are imperative for supply chain facilities. Predictive maintenance tools help improve asset longevity. Real-time alarm system data helps keep your people and products protected. And emissions insights help you work towards sustainability goals. 

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Improved Workforce Orchestration for Supply Chain

Help your workforce reach peak performance with tools that track worker and asset performance.  Configurable task and incident automation are designed to elevate worker efficiency.

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Supply Chain Resilience

Bounce back from disruptions and prevent future incidents with products that are designed to provide visibility into workforce and asset performance, track against KPIs and provide actionable insights that help you make more informed decisions.

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Operational Efficiency for Supply Chain

Unlock productivity with improved supply chain visibility, better asset and labor utilization, and actionable recommendations. Use data insights that support your efforts to bring efficiency to the forefront of your operation. 

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