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Honeywell Forge Performance⁺ for Distribution Centers


Reinvent the Way You Operate

See clearly into your distribution center's operational performance, asset health, worker capacity and sustainability with our enterprise performance management solution.

Gain Visibility

Automate and unify siloed data sources to analyze operations and workforce productivity in real-time.


Set, Track and Achieve Targets

Visualize goals and impacts of asset availability by area and site.

Realize Better Cost per Case Shipped

Make better strategic decisions and achieve portfolio-wide savings by uncovering hidden efficiencies.

Anticipate Downtime

Detect and plan for impending issues with predictive maintenance and early alerts.

Explore Features of Performance⁺ for Distribution Centers

Frequently Asked Questions

How does Honeywell Forge Performance⁺ for Distribution Centers work?

Honeywell Forge Performance+ for Distribution Centers is a fully integrated solution that optimizes warehouse operations by offering visibility into asset performance, worker capacity, and site throughput all in one place.

The industrial software solution helps to drive worker productivity, increase visibility, and promote smarter decision-making for continuous process improvement. Honeywell Forge Performance+ delivers real-time insights that enhance operations and streamline warehouse workflows by identifying problems before they exist with predictive maintenance.

Performance+ connects siloed systems, automates processes, and digitizes distribution center operations. Information is shared from the top floor to the shop floor empowering all levels of management with tools to drive business growth.

What parts of my warehouse does Performance⁺ for Distribution Centers monitor?

The solution monitors material handling systems that we define as critical path – mergers, sorters, induct and recirculation.

It also monitors functional areas, including picking, shipping and scanning.

Additional machine monitoring sensors are also monitored – vibration sensors, temperature sensors and power meters.

What can Performance⁺ for Distribution Centers detect?

The solution can detect:

Belt drive misalignment
Drive shaft misalignment
Motor overheating
Motor failure
Gearbox misalignment, damage or failure
Voltage or power irregularities
Demand overages
Phase drops
Scanner read failures
Improper installations
Connection pin failures
Loose or damaged cables
Locked motor
Bearing lubrication
Vibration failures
Lagging control signals
Site-wide throughput deviations
Operations inefficiencies such as labor allocation

Related Outcomes

Increase Distribution Center Capacity

Increase capacity with resources you already have. Automate and unify siloed data sources into a single system of record. 

Streamline Distribution Center Processes

Teams can plan and prioritize critical issues. Constant collaboration across operations and maintenance teams also helps speed processes. 

Reduce Distribution Center Labor Costs

Plan for impending issues to save on idle labor and increase productivity, engagement and utilization.

Enable Distribution Center Resiliency

Drive portfolio-wide savings across multiple operations. Prevent unplanned downtime and improve the use of existing systems in real time throughout the day.

Ready to optimize your warehouse performance?

Unify and automate your data with a solution that provides a user-friendly, role-specific interface. See how Honeywell Forge Performance⁺ for Distribution Centers can help you maximize asset and site availability and make your business smarter.

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