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Achieve Maximum Operational Efficiency

Focus on optimization and productivity improvements at every stage of the process life cycle to ultimately maximize profitability.




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Lower Operating Costs

Lower operating costs at a given operating point.

Maximize Throughput

Increase throughput on constrained processes.

Maximize Yield

Maximize yield of high-value products.

Optimize Production

Increase operations flexibility, create more consistent product quality. 

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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the benefits of a layered approach to advanced process control?

Benefits of a layered approach to APC include:

• Maximized productivity.

• Maximized energy savings (environmental awareness).

• Maximized yield of high-value products.

• Optimize intermediate component production.

Honeywell Advanced Process Control helped the Slovnaft Refinery identify $3k/day in lost opportunities due to shifts in their production strategy.

How would my enterprise begin the process?

The process starts with an initial opportunity assessment on the application of Honeywell solutions on typical plant process operating scenarios. Product demonstrations are also available. 

Key Resources

Control Performance Analytics
A cloud-based solution that identifies unit performance degradation and provides expert guidance to address it.​
AI and ML Models
Artificial intelligence and machine learning models and optimization techniques provide insights and recommendations to operate underlying APC systems.

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