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Get Insight Into Your OT Cybersecurity Posture

This on-premises OT solution is designed to provide an organization access to near real-time data on identified threats, anomalous behavior and vulnerabilities to help organizations reduce and manage cybersecurity risks at an individual site.



Industrial Automation Focus

Designed and developed specifically for OT environments. 

Better Asset Management

Automated asset discovery and inventory is designed to provide an organization visibility into their control network’s OT and IoT devices.

Focused Threat Alerts

Designed to provide dependable threat detection in complex networks in order to minimize false positive alarms.

Easy to Scale 

Additional network segments can be added to site specific views.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Cyber Insights?

Cyber Insights is designed to help users obtain a more complete view of their operational technology (OT) cybersecurity posture and better manage their cyber risks at an individual site.  Cyber Insights is designed to provide asset discovery capabilities to help you identify all the assets connected to your network. It is also designed to provide a comprehensive view into identified vulnerabilities and threats that may affect or are affecting your industrial control systems (ICS). 

What does Cyber Insights do?

Designed and developed specifically for OT use, Cyber Insights is a site-specific solution that helps industrial organizations operate their environments more securely and avoid disruptions to operations and safety. 

Specifically, Cyber Insights is designed to an organization achieve the following outcomes:

  • Greater visibility: Delivers visibility into OT and IoT networks, communication patterns, and attack vectors at a single site.
  • Improved asset management and risk reduction: Fully automated asset discovery and inventory, reducing risk and improving security without agents.
  • Better near real-time detection of threats and anomalies: Passively identifies IOCs, providing early attack detection and alerting

What makes Cyber Insights stand-out from the competition?

Cyber Insights is designed to provide the following features:

Protocol Coverage – Cyber Insights offers one of the most comprehensive protocol coverages on the market today in order to better support asset discovery and communication.  

Security Engine – Cyber Insights is designed to include an advanced analysis and security engine, with a patented granular adaptive baseline which provides superior detection capabilities to help drive down false positives – even in complex networks. 

Vendor-Neutral – Cyber Insights is designed to integrate with many other Honeywell and third-party security solutions already deployed at the customer’s site.

Multi-site and Governance Capability Available with Cyber Watch: 

For customers looking for a multi-site view into OT cybersecurity posture, including governance status and compliance, Honeywell has introduced Honeywell Forge Cybersecurity + I Cyber Watch.  Cyber Watch leverages all the capabilities of Cyber Insights to provide a centralized view into OT cyber threats. It is designed to help keep a watch over all sites and more quickly identify, prioritize and respond in a more coordinated manner to signs of compromise. As well, Cyber Watch offers an optional Governance Dashboard designed to help actively monitor all sites for compliance with organizational policies and industry regulations.  

What is included with Cyber Insights?

The Cyber Insights solution includes subscription software installed in the OT environment, one-time deployment services, and standard technical support services during the applicable subscription period.

Key Resources

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Provides access to near real-time data on threats, anomalies and vulnerabilities to help reduce cyber risk.
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Meet Cyber Insights the newest end-to-end OT cybersecurity offering from Honeywell.

Related Outcomes

Reduce OT Cybersecurity Risk

Cyber Insights helps reduce OT cybersecurity risk by enabling faster response to threats and in-depth investigations by a customer. 

Improve your OT cybersecurity posture.

Request a demo and learn how you can access near real-time insights on threats, anomalies and vulnerabilities to help reduce cyber risks.

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