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Honeywell Connected Workforce Competency


Accelerate Speed to Workforce Competency

Helps trainees gain both knowledge and experience to handle complex situations and execute analysis and decision-making tasks while being mentored anywhere and anytime.



Increase Training Accessibility

Anytime and anywhere training, mentorship and collaboration access via cloud-based deployment.


Create Visibility

Access to KPIs to accurately assess competency levels and subsequently create learning plans.


Retain Viability

Continuous improvement through periodic refresher training and certification. 

SaaS Total Cost of Ownership

Designed to increase ROI and decrease ongoing infrastructure and operational expenses. 

Explore Features of Honeywell Connected Workforce Competency

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the product about and who does it help train?

Honeywell Connected Workforce Competency is a cloud deployed, scalable, learning and development service that delivers simulator enabled, comprehensive process training for operations personnel. With Honeywell Connected Workforce Competency, trainees gain both knowledge and experience to handle complex situations, execute analysis and decision-making tasks while being mentored anywhere and anytime. 

What challenges does Honeywell Connected Workforce Competency help solve?

The drive to increase effectiveness of workforce training solutions presents a new set of challenges for process industries. Traditional classroom training can be costly and difficult to schedule, and training data may not be accurately collected. Honeywell Connected Workforce Competency helps industrials overcome these challenges by helping to provide:

    •    Continuous access to training.

    •    Training features that no longer become obsolete.

    •    Training data collection and consolidation.

    •    A cost-effective way of providing training. 

How is this product different from other similar products on the market?

Here are some of the ways Honeywell Connected Workforce Competency stands out.

Technology Leadership

• Honeywell is a leader in the market with differentiated solutions.

• Powered by robust UniSim dynamic engine.

• Value added across the entire process life cycle.

Capable Team

• Decades of experience modeling assets and processes.

• Global execution capability with local expertise.

Project Schedule Synergies

• Duplication of models – save 70-80% of original model development time.

• Duplication of control system configuration.

Model Collaboration

• Use Honeywell expertise and resources to generate process models and design for secure IP.

• Work in collaboration with Honeywell resources for faster and more effective tool usage.

Flexible Deployment Options

• Boost enterprise-wide scalability.

• Enable evergreen maintenance and upgrade capability.

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Competency and Productivity for Industrials

Industrials can close the skills gap, accelerate time to competency and better increase the productivity of today’s industrial workforce with advanced training solutions. 

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