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Reduce Alarm Counts

80% reduction in alarm counts. (Based on results from 2,500+ installations.)

Increase Response

15% increase in operator response times. (Based on results from 2,500+ installations.)

Save Time

60% reduction in root cause analysis time. (Based on results from 2,500+ installations.)

Enable Compliance

ISA 18.2, EEMUA 191, IEC 61511/61508 and more.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How can Honeywell Alarm Managment help demonstrate compliance?

With control system agnostic tools designed to address today’s alarm and safety system lifecycle requirements, Honeywell Alarm Management enables you to demonstrate compliance to standards and best practices, which in turn enables you to reduce downtime, production deviations and operational risk.

How much could a typical alarm incident cost my enterprise? What about a major alarm incident?

An alarm system is an essential layer of protection, required to help prevent the estimated $10B per year lost to abnormal situations. A typical incident can cost $100K-$1M while major ones can exceed $80M.

Why is operator overload a concern and what can be done to correct this issue?

Standards bodies recommend an operator receive less than 6-8 alarms an hour, but industry averages are more than 4 times this. When needed most, operators ignore alarm systems as they are overwhelmed. In response, many in the process industries are centralizing the alarm management process.

Why is process safety a key element of alarm management?

Ensuring safety is vital to protect people, environment and assets. Process safety must be continuously ensured as unwanted events occur if shutdown systems and safety elements do not operate as expected.

The process of validation often relies on planned shutdowns and manual data gathering which is time consuming and error prone. Industry leaders are using software to reduce error and capture financial benefits.

The process safety analyzer component of Honeywell Alarm Management automates the process of validating process safety elements. This in turn helps continuously ensure process safety and demonstrate activities, and reduce the time and effort required to perform both post-shutdown and periodic validation activities.

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Safety, Competency and Productivity for Industrials

Deploy strategies for daily field activities to enable higher productivity, improved safety and better data-driven decisions.

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