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Enterprise-Wide Visibility in a Centralized Dashboard

This on-premises OT and IIoT solution provides access to near real-time and historical data on vulnerabilities, compliance and threats to help organizations reduce and manage cybersecurity risks across multiple sites.



Central Security Management

Get access to known cyber threats at an individual site or across multiple sites and centralize the coordination of response.

Continuous Monitoring, Central Governance

Continuously monitor your remote sites’ adherence to organization policies and industry standards (IEC 62443, NERC CIP, NIST, ISO 27001 and others).

Minimize False Positive Alarms

Built on a granular baselining adaptive algorithm designed for dependable threat detection.

Enterprise-Wide Visibility 

Enhance one-site Cyber Insights’ capabilities by expanding into a multi-site view of your cyber assets.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Cyber Watch?

Cyber Watch is a Honeywell software-led solution designed to help users get a more complete view of their operational technology (OT) cybersecurity posture and better manage their cyber risks across all operating sites.

By aggregating data from multiple installations of Cyber Insights, Cyber Watch is designed to leverage all the capabilities of Cyber Insights to provide a centralized view into OT cyber threats. It is designed to help keep watch over all in-scope sites and to help a customer more quickly identify, prioritize and respond in a more coordinated manner to signs of compromise.

Cyber Watch offers an optional Governance Dashboard designed for use by senior leaders such as the CISO to help them know both organizational and industry related cybersecurity compliance status at any point in time.

What does Cyber Watch do?

Developed by Honeywell's experienced OT cybersecurity professionals, Cyber Watch is an on-premises solution that is designed to help industrial organizations gain much-needed visibility into their OT cybersecurity posture. It is designed to provide a user access to near real-time (within seconds) and historical data on identified vulnerabilities, compliance and identified threats related to both Honeywell and non-Honeywell assets at each of your operating facilities.

Cyber Watch is capable of helping a customer reduce cyber risk by providing the foundation to build their OT cybersecurity across multiple sites through more effective asset discovery, and threat and anomaly detection on all in-scope assets in your operating networks. When a potential attack is identified, Cyber Watch is designed to help centralize the customer’s response coordination.

How many sites can Cyber Watch 'watch' over?

Cyber Watch is designed to be highly scalable and support hundreds of locations managed central via the multi-site dashboard. It is designed so that data from all sites can be centrally aggregated, including full asset inventory, traffic and alerts data. Workflows such as alert handling and central site configuration are also available for use by a customer. All updates (e.g. threat & configuration rules, NVD updates ) made in Cyber Watch are designed to be automatically pushed to the managed locations.

What are the key features of Cyber Watch?

The Cyber Watch solution is designed to offer the following capabilities:

Central Security Management – designed to provide two-way communication with in-scope sites, enabling the handling of alerts from one central system interface with multiple sites, and with SIEM and SOAR systems from a central location. Data from all sites is designed to be centrally aggregated, including full asset inventory, traffic and alerts data.

Automate Site Management – designed to support central configuration management, central licensing, automated software updates, and more.

MSP Ready – designed to be public or private cloud enabled with the ability to manage multiple organizations / customers with secure, full data segregation and more.

Central Governance Dashboard (optional) – designed to actively monitor all operating sites for compliance with organizational policies and industry regulations.

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