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We offer services to help you improve your cybersecurity regardless of your control system environment.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is OT penetration testing?

Honeywell’s OT penetration testing is designed to actively exploit your industrial control system (ICS) environment to reveal potential security concerns and weaknesses. Using offensive tactics, techniques and tools, Honeywell’s industrial cybersecurity team acts as white-hat hackers, testing your defenses within the parameters you define, with your operations’ safety as a top priority. A detailed report delivers valuable recommendations for mitigating risks and vulnerabilities that may go unnoticed without active testing.

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What is PCN Hardening?

The PCN Hardening Service from Honeywell – based on Center of Internet Security (CIS®) guidelines, Honeywell best practices, and third-party recommendations – is a methodical approach to hardening and is engineered for OT environments. Our PCN Hardening Service is a standardized process with tools and techniques that are continuously improved as new technologies are adapted by industrial operators.

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What is Cyber App Control?

Honeywell’s Cyber App Control solution uses software from security specialist VMware® Carbon Black, deployed by Honeywell’s experienced and certified OT cybersecurity engineers. The engineers design, implement and configure Cyber App Control by applying Honeywell’s rich industrial-specific experience to help you save time-to-operations. The solution is vendor-agnostic and is designed to be suitable for most industrial systems.  

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Related Outcomes

Reduce OT Cybersecurity Risk

Our cybersecurity services and innovative solutions are designed to help you assess and remediate your risks to better protect your people, operations and assets.

Increase OT Cybersecurity Resilience

Our end-to-end cybersecurity services are designed to help you strengthen your OT environment and to advance your response and recovery capabilities, improving your resiliency against cyber incidents.

Enhance Business Continuity

Our experienced OT cybersecurity professionals are capable of helping you in planning and preparing for a faster recovery in the unfortunate event of a cyber attack.

Increase Visibility into Your OT Posture

Our assessments are designed to help you evaluate your compliance to cybersecurity standards such as IEC 62443 and our OT cybersecurity courses provide training to help improve your staff’s standards awareness and skills.

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