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Our food, beverage and tobacco solutions help you optimize production and increase profitability so that you can focus on quality, flexibility and repeatability. Conquer challenges like product traceability, shifting customer demands and disruption in supply chains with the support of our solutions. 



Honeywell Food, Beverage & Tobacco Focus Areas

Honeywell Food, Beverage & Tobacco Solutions at Work

     Connected Supply Chain

Get near real-time visibility and reporting of products down to the micro-level, which can help you reduce or eliminate illicit trade and help support your compliance with regulatory requirements.

     Connected Assets and Processes  

Connect your equipment assets and streamline processes. Honeywell Forge helps you monitor equipment health, identify sources of performance loss and enables you to realize value sooner.


     Industrial Cybersecurity

Attack prevention and near real-time risk monitoring for highly regulated industries. Avoid downtime and cyberthreats in operational technology (OT) environments.


Related Outcomes

Reduce OT Cybersecurity Risk

Reduce risk by using a solution that helps you stop cyber attacks before they happen to help keep your products, people and data safer.


Regulatory Compliance for Supply Chain

Honeywell Forge is designed to help highly regulated enterprises access real-time visibility into product status down to the individual SKU, better address traceability requirements, and create a more transparent supply chain. 

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Operational Efficiency for Supply Chain

Unlock improved enterprise-wide efficiency with software that connects manufacturers, distributors, and retailers to help capture and report events, support required stakeholder enablement, help bolster protection against counterfeits and enable quick product recall.  

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Enable Supply Chain Resilience

In the face of unexpected disruptions, supply chain continuity is a pressing concern for businesses. Stay connected with suppliers and help strengthen supply chain resilience with solutions that support supplier quality management.

Improve Product Quality

Increased product quality starts with increased digital QMS quality. Vendor-agnostic tools and cutting-edge process accelerators work with your existing investments to help you scale up.

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