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Introducing Honeywell Quality Management Review


Completely Transform Your Quality Management Review Process.

Automation and optimization of data analytics provide more intelligent and actionable insights.



Shift from Check-the-Box Approaches to Dynamic, Digitally Empowered Reporting.


In today's business environment, quality is a significant factor in setting organizations apart. Quality Management Reviews (QMRs) are a crucial component of a successful Quality Management System (QMS). However, the current QMR process is time-consuming, costly and characterized by excessive man-hours, resulting in a non-value-added PowerPoint exercise that fails to garner appreciation from executive management.

The Honeywell Quality Management Review (HQMR) application can completely transform this process by eliminating the dependency on slideware while automating and optimizing the data analytics for a near real-time report with intelligent and actionable insights.

Improved Efficiency

Streamlined processes, intelligent workflows and automation for faster, more informed decision-making.

Digital Collaboration

Access all quality metrics and recommendations in one centralized location, removing the need for slideware and physical meeting spaces.

Quality Insights

Proactively monitor quality in near real-time time for more informed decision-making to drive continuous improvements.

Regulatory Compliance

Manage regulation guidelines with a fully validated and digital solution.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is a Quality Management Review?

Quality Management Review (QMR), also known as QSMR, is a structured and comprehensive assessment of an organization's quality system, evaluating its overall effectiveness, suitability and performance. 

What makes Honeywell Quality Management Review (HQMR) unique?

The proprietary data fabric used in the HQMR solution provides native integration to multiple systems of record without extensive coding or implementation efforts, alleviating internal IT and project resources for faster time-to-value.

Ready to Transform Your QMR Process?

Honeywell Quality Management Review (HQMR) serves as a catalyst for transformation, providing organizations with the capabilities to replace manual tasks, seamlessly integrate data through API connectors and harness embedded analytics for insightful decision-making. 

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