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A more sustainable oil and gas industry is possible. We partner with global fossil fuel companies to streamline their production efficiency while helping to enhance worker safety and the optimization of emissions. Extract more from your operations by using tools designed to maximize plant performance and asset potential.




Data-Driven Solutions at Work in the Oil & Gas Industry

     Fuel Your Cybersecurity 

Protect your enterprise’s operational technology (OT) with a full suite of products designed to help you defend your assets and provide early threat detection. Use data-driven insights to better comply with evolving regulations.

     Drive Digital Transformation  

Digital transformation means predictive monitoring of equipment, data analysis to streamline processes and real-time risk monitoring. Honeywell Forge enables remote collaboration, helps enhance your safety management and helps you to reduce downtime to increase profitability.   


     Increase Operational Efficiency

Utilize tools designed to help you maximize critical uptime, increase worker competency and streamline workflows. Honeywell’s configurable dashboards aggregate near real-time data on various data sets from worker effectiveness to asset performance. 

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Reduce OT Cybersecurity Risk

Reduce risk by enforcing active policy controls for USB devices across your organization.


Asset Reliability for Industrials

Drive end-to-end asset reliability with tools that merge decades of machine modeling experience with modern cloud analytics. 

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Operational Excellence for Industrials

Effective maintenance processes are essential for maximizing uptime. With the support of connected infrastructures, distribution centers can streamline the maintenance task lifecycle from issue detection to response and resolution.

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Safety, Competency and Productivity for Industrials

Help improve the skills and competency of your industrial workforce with tools designed to deliver comprehensive training for console and field operators to help ensure plant reliability and maximize overall performance.

End-to-End Optimization for Industrials

Unique three-layer holistic asset modeling, combined with an extensive performance data library, powers Honeywell’s suite of optimization tools to help users predict and apply proactive asset maintenance strategies.

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Sustainability for Industrials

Drive toward closing the loop on how you measure, monitor, reduce and report on your organization’s decarbonization and sustainability goals. Honeywell is committed to helping you transform your operations and drive a sustainable future.

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Digitally transform your oil and gas production.

Honeywell Forge can help you to unleash greater production efficiencies, enhance worker safety and achieve higher levels of sustainability. Contact us and let's identify inefficiencies by enhancing the visibility of critical asset energy consumption to grow your profits.

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