Aid in Mobilizing Operational Efficiency for Buildings

Operational efficiency in commercial buildings goes beyond keeping assets functional. Honeywell’s suite of software solutions helps you avoid downtime with predictive maintenance offerings engineered to help you make operational decisions based on real-time data insights, so you can save on operating costs and so much more. Prioritizing operational efficiency can take your portfolio from satisfactory to superlative – and our team of building experts is here to help.


Become Proficient in Efficiency


From asset performance to security protocols, there are hundreds of unique metrics, tasks and workflows that help keep a building operational. When these elements are disjointed, efficiency suffers. But when all of these elements are connected by Honeywell’s data-driven software, it helps reduce downtime, aids in improved incident response and helps bolster efficiency.


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Keep assets healthy and reliable

Real-time predictive analytics, digital equipment models and comprehensive dashboards work together in Honeywell Performance+ for Buildings | Predictive Maintenance. Designed to help you identify issues before asset failures occur, which can help promote operational longevity, reduce downtime and lower maintenance spend.

Create configurable data dashboards

The Niagara Framework is designed to  connect your IT and OT systems to one dashboard, serving as a central console that helps connects real-time operational data to the people and systems managing workflows in data centers, smart buildings and industrial process spaces.

Promote visitor UX, drive contractor compliance

Impress from arrival to departure with Honeywell Forge Performance+ for Buildings | Visitor and Contractor Management. Offer tailored registration flows and check-in experiences, along with frictionless digital entry documentation for visitors and contractors.

Implement cutting-edge alarm management

Leverage an end-to-end platform that uses the power of cloud-connected technology and real-time visibility to help keep visitors and staff safer.

Optimize building performance anywhere

Manage many aspects of your building –from  energy levels to alarms – from a scalable, mobile platform that lets you visualize data and empowers you with the information to respond to incidents 

Enhance safety and security

Centralize data from network video, access management and cloud ecosystems in one convenient dashboard. This tool helps security meet compliance and helps monitor activity more effectively – all while enabling you to reduce operating costs.

Unlock next-level security

Corrections facilities can manage everyday activities and unexpected events with software that analyzes real-time data to help you identify risk, suggests implementation of incident workflows and standard operating procedures, and helps verify risk using intelligent maps and situational awareness.

Implement a turnkey hardware solution

Customize a hardware system that addresses your buildings’ needs. Our comprehensive range of controllers, field devices and software can help boost throughput, support sustainability goals and help maintain occupant comfort.

Stay powerful

Stay resilient in the face of extreme weather or global events with tools that help enhance business continuity. Honeywell Forge Sustainability+ for Buildings | Power and Demand Management offers on-site generation, renewable source integration and dynamic load management.

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