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Emissions Reduction

Advanced fuel monitoring and analytics help airlines set, track and meet their sustainability goals and demonstrate regulatory compliance.

Fuel Savings

Deep data analytics unlock efficiency opportunities at every stage of aircraft utilization to reduce fuel burn and cut overall fuel costs. 

Operational Efficiency

System-agnostic architecture integrates any data source to centralize fuel analytics reporting and collaborate with stakeholders across the organization. 

Cloud-Based Flexibility

Whether you are starting a new FE program or building advanced initiatives, operations of all types and sizes benefit from the scalable cloud architecture, customizable dashboards and persona-specific instances. 

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Honeywell Flight Efficiency?

Honeywell Flight Efficiency is a cloud-based solution that uses deep data analytics to equip airlines and flight crews with actionable insights they can use to reduce fuel consumption to cut carbon emissions with every flight.

How can a customer save fuel and reduce emissions?

Our platform’s deep data analytics powered by AI unlocks efficiency opportunities for any standard and custom initiatives organization-wide. Users can create automated reports, monitor trends, track fleet/aircraft performance, measure progress against sustainability or efficiency initiative, and so much more. These insights and recommendations allow operators to make better decisions impacting fuel load, route planning, pilot performance and other critical events – thus saving fuel and reducing total carbon emissions.

How does it work?

Honeywell Flight Efficiency leverages an airline’s greatest and most abundant resource to drive change – their data. Our platform pulls data from dozens of sources on and off the aircraft, then cleanses, filters and sorts the data to ensure data quality and accuracy, no matter the source. This process is fully configurable based on the needs and dataset availability of the operator.

How can I measure the savings?

The entire data collection, cleansing and analysis process is automated, pulling in any historic or current datasets, so operators can start measuring their savings immediately – instead of waiting weeks or months for analytics. The platform is fully customizable and configurable, offering users full control over the analytics that matter most to their operation. Users can set custom KPI goals for reporting and alerts or select which initiatives to prioritize by individual, aircraft or fleet. Best of all, Honeywell Flight Efficiency offers consulting services to help airlines identify critical efficiency opportunities, customize their initiative and reporting configurations, and get the most from the platform’s features and functionality.

Related Outcomes

Improve Operational Efficiency

Empower decision-makers with predictive analytics and actionable insights to help improve operational efficiency, on-time performance and aircraft utilization.

Achieve your Sustainability Goals

Optimize fuel efficiency to reduce unnecessary fuel burn, lower your overall carbon footprint and take steps to fulfill your sustainability commitments.

Ready To Take Your Flight Efficiency To New Heights?

When you choose Honeywell Flight Efficiency, you join a community of some of the world’s most efficient airlines. Let our flight efficiency experts guide and support you towards improving your operations and taking your fuel efficiency to new heights.

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