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Honeywell provides a traceability solution that helps relevant supply chain stakeholders to better address requirements of the United Arab Emirates (UAE) pharmaceutical traceability regulations.



Connect to Tatmeen

Capture and report key business events to the Tatmeen platform.

Get End-to-End Traceability 

Serialization, tracking and tracing for supply chain improvement in the pharmaceutical industry.

Enable Stakeholders 

Honeywell can help you integrate stakeholders in the supply chain for in-transit visibility.

Comply With Ease

As an experienced track and trace solution partner, Honeywell can help you become compliant. 

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Honeywell ACT | Pharma?

Honeywell ACT | Pharma is a SaaS solution offered by Honeywell to help required supply chain stakeholders to address requirements from applicable pharmaceutical traceability regulations in the UAE.

What is Tatmeen?

Tatmeen is a platform initiated by the UAE Ministry of Health and Prevention (MoHAP) as part of the recently enacted pharmaceutical traceability regulations in UAE. The regulations aim at improving visibility, reliability, safety and security of the pharmaceutical supply chain, in order to reduce counterfeits and sub-standard medicines from circulation in UAE.

Who are the key pharmaceutical supply chain stakeholders?

The UAE pharmaceutical traceability regulations classify the key pharmaceutical stakeholders as follows:

  1. Manufacturers, both local and foreign.
  2. Market authorization holders (MAH).
  3. Distributors.
  4. Dispensers such as hospitals, pharmacies and clinics.

What it is required from these stakeholders by the UAE regulation pharmaceutical traceability regulations?

All UAE required key stakeholders in the pharma supply chain (i.e. manufacturers, market authorization holders, distributors, dispensers) will need to report certain supply chain events (packing, shipping, receiving and other events) as they happen to the Tatmeen platform.

What does the Honeywell ACT | Pharma solution include?

Honeywell ACT | Pharma provides 3 end-user traceability interfaces to interact with the solution:

  1. Mobile Application to capture supply chain events in the field.
  2. Rest API for integration with the system of record (e.g SAP, WMS, etc.).
  3. Web Portal for configuration, audit trail and dashboards.

Partner with an experienced track and trace provider.

Contact us to talk to our track and trace experts and see how Honeywell ACT | Pharma can help you address UAE pharmaceutical traceability regulatory obligations today.

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