Challenges in Readiness for New Pharmaceutical Serialization Regulations

The United Arab Emirates’ Ministry of Health and Prevention’s Tatmeen regulation is just one of the newest serialization and traceability compliance requirements for pharmaceutical product movements within a country’s supply chain.

The pharma industry will continue to see these kind of regulations put in place to protect the consumer. And more and more governments are enacting regulatory legislation requiring serialization and traceability of all pharmaceutical products to maintain supply chain integrity and ensure patient safety.

Currently, over 25 countries have some type of pharma supply chain serialization or track and trace government regulatory compliance in place. Each country is developing its own serialization and regulatory compliance requirements, and most of the regulations are aligned to GS1 standards with few exceptions. So, it is critical for pharmaceutical organizations to implement serialization and traceability solutions that are scalable to the multitude of these varying requirements, but that require minimal effort and investments.

Join "Challenges in Readiness for New Serialization Regulations” to learn the following key points:

  • The potential challenges faced in implementing a compliance solution.
  • An overview of serialization regulations such as Tatmeen in UAE and RSD in Saudi Arabia.
  • How compliance affects the downstream pharmaceutical supply chain stakeholders.
  • How to overcome these challenges from an expert's perspective.

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