Go Wheels-Up on Aerospace Transformation

Intelligent aerospace operations are built on more than just maintenance. They’re about harnessing AI to fly further and stay better connected.

Software for Aerospace Operations. That's Honeywell Forge.

Honeywell Forge is industrial-grade software built for productivity, sustainability, and transformation.

Push for Carbon-Neutral Flight

Honeywell Forge is built to help aerospace businesses drive their sustainability strategies by using AI to plan more efficient routes.

Modernize the Passenger Experience

Honeywell Forge is built to help mitigate wireless internet service disruptions in business jets by unifying maintenance, provisioning, and usage for the entire fleet.

Apply a Flight Ops System of Record

Honeywell Forge is built to combine multi-point, siloed flight ops technologies into a single source of truth for un-matched visibility.

Customer Success

Operational Outcomes

Honeywell Forge is an Enterprise Performance Management solution for aerospace operations built to:

Manage Enterprise Data

Harness a single system of record that drives intelligent operations.

Reduce Fuel Consumption

Use advanced analytics to plan more efficient routes at the fleet level.

Manage Cabin Connectivity

Identify maintenance issues in the air while managing usage and security permissions.

Improve Passenger Experience

Help ensure passengers get the connectivity they need while keeping costs low.

Cybersecurity for Operational Technology

Help detect and more accurately mitigate cyber threats to OT assets to better protect your operations.