Go Wheels-Up on Aerospace Transformation

The aircraft is just one piece of the aerospace ecosystem. From worker optimization to asset management, today's airlines, MROs and OEMs need digitalization, sustainability and OT cybersecurity solutions that span the entire operation.

Software for Aerospace Operations. That's Honeywell Forge.

We build industrial-grade software to drive digital transformation, productivity and sustainability.

Push for Carbon-Neutral Flight

Honeywell Flight Efficiency Sustainability+ is built to help aerospace businesses drive their sustainability strategies by using AI to plan more efficient routes.

Minimize Downtime

Honeywell Performance+ asset performance management can transform operations and maintenance from preventative guesswork to coordinated, predictive precision.

Enhance Cyber Resilience

Protect critical assets across your operations with Honeywell OT cybersecurity.

Customer Success

Operational Outcomes

Honeywell Forge is an Enterprise Performance Management solution for aerospace operations built to:

Manage Enterprise Data

Empower decision makers with predictive analytics and insights to gain visibility into your operations.

Reduce Fuel Consumption

Put your data to work…to help teams understand and anticipate how their choices affect usage.

Meet Sustainability Goals

Increase efficiency to save fuel, reduce costs and lower your carbon footprint.

Digitalize Critical Assets

Automatically gather real-time and historical data from across your enterprise to reduce maintenance and increase asset efficiency, reliability and uptime.

Cybersecurity for Operational Technology

Honeywell’s OT cybersecurity experts provide ongoing, comprehensive protection and support for industrial environments at any stage of maturity.