Discover New Ways to Transform the Aerospace Ecosystem

Originally only focused on avionics, Aerospace Tech Week has been expanding the technology sectors it covers for over 20 years. This year the European segment of the event featured multiple tracks for digital transformation in the aerospace industry, from flight ops to maintenance to connectivity. The event’s return to Munich, Germany yielded an energetic crowd of attendees and vendors, many of whom were coming together in person for the first time since pandemic restrictions were lifted. The Honeywell Connected Aero team was well-positioned to interact with new faces and existing customers alike from our exhibition space which was next to the Honeywell-sponsored Airline VIP Lounge and across from long-standing Honeywell collaborator Lufthansa Technik.

The two companies have been working together for several years; at Aerospace Tech Week Europe we announced a new Honeywell and Lufthansa Technik collaboration which integrates our data analytics with their industry-leading AVIATAR digital suite. This new agreement combines decades of experience with aircraft maintenance and digital transformation. The resulting predictive analytics solution is designed to help airlines increase the availability of their aircraft and reduce costs associated with operations, flight delays and cancellations.

In addition to hosting a booth to showcase product demonstrations and hold customer, prospect and collaborative conversations, Honeywell was honored to be a presenter at the conference.

Justin Schassler, Honeywell Digital System Architect, and Matthew Emery, Honeywell MRAeS Digital Product Manager took the stage to discuss “Sustainability and Digitalization in the Aviation Operations Ecosystem.”

The emphasis of Justin and Matthew’s presentation was on the importance of optimizing the whole aviation ecosystem, not just the aircraft or another solo part of the system. Rather than treating each need as a single-point solution, the whole ecosystem of challenges can be addressed.

Documented pain points for each area of the aerospace ecosystem were discussed and actionable solutions offered. The presentation put a spotlight on digitalization and why it is the answer to breaking down barriers to help deliver optimized product output, eliminate unplanned downtime and automate legacy processes.

The presenters showed how to think of aerospace as more than an aircraft, offering solutions to address building controls, logistics, asset maximization, workforce and workflow optimization, and worker safety monitoring (among others).

The 25-minute presentation was dynamic and informative, and you can watch a replay of the Honeywell Connected Aero presentation now.

Thanks to all who stopped by our booth or joined the presentation in person. Aerospace Tech Week Europe 2023 has concluded, but we look forward to continuing conversations and assisting more aerospace organizations in becoming more digitalized, more sustainable and cyber resilient.

The future is what we make it!