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Be Compliant. Be Efficient. Be Safe.

Digitalize your field operations to increase workforce productivity, improve safety and capture critical operating data.



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Save Time

60% time savings due to workflow digitalization. (Results based on usage across customers for a 2-year period.)

Reduce Reactive Practices

15% reduction of reactive maintenance practices. (Results based on usage across customers for a 2-year period.)


Standardize Inspection Jobs

Automate standard operating procedures and workflows.

Demonstrate Compliance

Centralized reporting helps to demonstrate compliance.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What challenges do deskless workers often face and how can Honeywell Inspection Rounds help?

Deskless workers (field workers) often have to deal with manual data capturing practices, lack of relevant information to solve problems and inefficient collaboration channels. Honeywell Inspection Rounds is designed to help make their job easier, safer and more efficient.

What enhancements were made in the latest release?

Honeywell Inspection Rounds latest release includes the following enhancements:

• Supports workflows requiring conditional task execution.

• Views and captures images/videos during task execution.

• Supports historical data trend viewing.

• Identifies assets through NFC tags (Android only).

• GPS-based task execution geo-location validation.

• Enables multilevel approval workflows for rounds and incidents.

• Escalation notifications using email.

• Supports additional flexibility in configuring enterprise hierarchies with multiple levels.

• Creates reusable checklists and asset classes (templating).

• Supports flexible shift models and advanced scheduling options.

• Provides enhanced bulk configuration export/import capabilities.

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