Enterprise Data Management

Operational intelligence you can monitor, analyze and share. 

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Unlock The Advantages Of Enterprise Data Management

Enable operational intelligence from the plant to the boardroom. Collect and organize process data across the enterprise; assess performance against key business metrics; analyze and act in real-time to maximize business impact.

Unlock the Benefits of Best Practices

Process, Asset and Operational Visibility in One Place
Scalable Enterprise Data Storage, Management and Visualization
Optimize Efficiency and Utilization, Reduce Cost, Increase Uptime
Fast, Data-Driven Decisions and All Levels

Operational Outcomes

Enterprise Data Management system built for:

Scaleable Operational Intelligence: Process To Plant To Enterprise

By providing the means to seamlessly collect, organize, visualize and analyze process data across the organization in real-time, Honeywell Forge Enterprise Data Management enables the right decisions to be made by the right people at the tight time, using the right information.

Whether you operate a small facility with a simple process, or multiple complex process facilities across the globe, Honeywell Forge Enterprise Data Management provides the tools required to enable operational intelligence.  

Honeywell Forge Enterprise Data Management | PHD

The ability to leverage the large volumes of data generated by industrial processes across an enterprise is essential in enabling informed decisions that maximize business performance. Fundamental to this is the need for long-term process data storage that is accessible in near-real time and provided to users in a secure and reliable manner.

Process History Database (PHD) ensures the ongoing collection, storage and maintenance of long-term historical data by integrating with existing control systems and applications across multiple plants and sites across your enterprise. Reliable user access and application integration is enabled through data collection fail-over and automatic history recovery, enabling improved business performance through faster data-driven decisions.

Honeywell Forge Enterprise Data Management | Insight

Engineers and operations teams need to regularly monitor and respond to plant conditions to ensure that the peak performance of their industrial operations are sustained. Key to this is the ability to analyze process data and collaborate to quickly resolve process issues as they arise and seize opportunities for performance improvements when identified.

Insight provides engineers and operations teams the flexible process visualization tools they need to effectively monitor, analyze, and troubleshoot plant conditions. With intuitive drag-and-drop workspace creation, powerful trending, and customizable HMI graphics – greater process intelligence is at their fingertips.

Honeywell Forge Enterprise Data Management | Executive

Many industrial organizations struggle under the sheer volume of data their operations generate. There is simply too much information to process, understand and act on quickly, which can lead to poor decision making, missed opportunities and less than optimal operating results.

Executive provides a path to manufacturing operational excellence, making it easy for users to access and visualize critical data that spans across various functions and systems. The KPI module provides the ability to define, calculate, and manage key process indicators, while Executive’s enterprise dashboards provide a holistic, relevant view of operations. This enables decision makers at all levels of the organization to quickly understand performance vs. targets and take action to achieve critical business goals.

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