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Transformation Begins with Data

Identify issues before failures occur to improve building performance, promote asset longevity, and reduce downtime and contracted maintenance spend.



See Portfolio-Wide Performance

View asset availability and asset performance issues across a portfolio.

Monitor Comfort

Visualize zone comfort, including metrics on temperature, humidity and CO2 performance.

Reduce Downtime

Enable better response time and increase insight into building performance.

Track Service Performance

Remotely prioritize, update, assign, track and resolve service cases.

Explore Features of Predictive Maintenance

Frequently Asked Questions

I already have a service team in place to regularly check building assets, why would I need a predictive maintenance solution?

Regular, manual service checks can identify weak components and avoid asset failures but incur inefficient labor costs with little transparency into outcomes. The introduction of advanced analytics and continuous monitoring into maintenance enables commercial operators to collect data from the assets that run their buildings and better advance the way assets are maintained.

Do you have metrics related to customer outcomes?

The following calculations are based on observed outcomes of Honeywell Forge customers in the period 2018-2022. Results may vary depending on square footage and facility digitization maturity levels.

    •     25¢ per square foot energy optimization

    •    03¢ per square foot compliance avoidance

    •    10¢ per square foot maintenance productivity

Do I have to be at my desk to utilize Performance⁺ | Predictive Maintenance?

The Honeywell Forge Performance⁺ for Buildings mobile app* extends Predictive Maintenance capabilities while on the move. The app is an add-on feature that allows for control of building operations and quick issue assessment and response when in the field.

*Current availability: iOS 14 and above enabled mobile devices, excluding tablets. Mobile devices are not provided by Honeywell.

What strategic portfolio KPIs does Performance⁺ | Predictive Maintenance help provide visibility to?

Performance⁺ | Predictive Maintenance helps increase visibility into site performance and monitor the following strategic portfolio KPIs:

    •    Zone comfort performance

    •     Asset availability

    •    Energy consumption

    •    Service case performance

Related Outcomes

Aid in Mobilizing Operational Efficiency for Buildings

Reduce the likelihood of equipment failures and maximize uptime.

Create Buildings Resilience

Analyze and optimize systems maintenance to help improve building resilience and asset longevity.

Take the next step in your building operations transformation.

Contact us to schedule a demo and see how 24/7 building monitoring and near real-time predictive analytics can help you achieve your asset reliability and building performance goals.

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