Create Buildings Resilience

From OT asset failure to security breaches, commercial real estate buildings can encounter myriad issues throughout their lifetimes. Honeywell’s suite of building software uses actionable, data-driven insights, predictive maintenance, robust alarm management and remotely accessible dashboards to help your portfolio stay resilient in the face of operational setbacks.


An Operationally Efficient Building is a Resilient One


Even with the best BMS technology, buildings experience operational issues that require quick and efficient incident responses. That’s where Honeywell comes in. Our technology doesn’t just help keep incidents at a minimum – it gives you tools to assist with bouncing back from problems quicker than ever before.


Our Legacy of Innovation









Achieve your best-ever asset performance

Comprehensive dashboards comprise real-time predictive analytics and digital equipment models that work together in Honeywell Forge Performance+ for Buildings | Predictive Maintenance. The solution helps identify issues before asset failures occur, supports operational longevity, aids in reducing downtime and helps enable the decrease of your maintenance spending.

Access all your data in one place

The Niagara Framework brings your IT and OT systems into one dashboard. Serving as a central console to help connect real-time operational data to the people and systems managing workflows in data centers, smart buildings and industrial process spaces.

Implement universal building controls

Use EBI’s universal set of analytics to assist with controlling, monitoring and optimizing your assets. This tool helps protect building health, enhance security and lower costs.

Unlock best-in-class alarm management

Help keep visitors and staff safer with an end-to-end platform that uses the power of cloud-connected technology to enable real-time security visibility.

Control building systems anytime, anywhere

Respond to incidents and view near real-time building data via a scalable mobile platform that displays metrics for many aspects of your building from energy levels to alarm statuses.

Level up security for correctional facilities

Corrections facilities can manage everyday activities and unexpected events with software that analyzes real-time data. Get help to identify risk, suggestions for implementation incident workflows and standard operating procedures. The solution also helps verify risk using intelligent maps and situational awareness.

Respond faster with cutting-edge hardware 

Our comprehensive range of controllers, field devices and software can help boost throughput, support sustainability goals, maintain occupant comfort and enable faster incident response times.

Stay powerful

Stay resilient in the face of extreme weather or global events with Honeywell Forge Sustainability⁺ for Buildings | Power and Demand Management. A solution to help enhance business continuity using on-site generation, renewable source integration and dynamic load management. 

Help your buildings bounce back.

With Honeywell, your portfolio of buildings can maintain their operational potential in the face of setbacks.

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