Leading the Charge: Setting an Example of Efficiency and Comfort at the Adani Group's Corporate Headquarters

The Adani Group hoped to position its headquarters as an enterprise-wide example of occupant comfort and energy efficiency. Honeywell Forge Performance⁺ for Buildings offered a turnkey solution.


  • 5%  Reduction in Overall Energy Visualization for the Facility
  • 53% Improvement in the Occupant Comfort Performance

The Adani Group, a multinational conglomerate headquartered in Ahmedabad, India, sought to increase efficiency and comfort at its corporate headquarters. In order to achieve this objective, their leaders chose Honeywell Forge for Buildings to help implement best-in-class solutions.


Adani Corporate House first reached out to Honeywell to help conduct a detailed building management system evaluation and energy audit of its corporate headquarters. The company wanted to position the corporate headquarters as an example of operational efficiency and employee comfort that other Adani Group facilities could use as a blueprint for improving their own building management. Honeywell’s team conducted a thorough audit of the buildings and systems at Adani’s corporate headquarters to identify the opportunities and recommend configurable solutions that would make the said headquarters a more comfortable, efficient space.

During the audit, Honeywell’s team found a few opportunities within the buildings to bring more efficiency and comfort. As there were some limitations with their current Integrated Building Management System which is very common in most of the buildings, Honeywell introduced Honeywell Forge for Buildings to enhance the technology with a view to bringing more efficiency and comfort.


Adani Group’s leadership implemented a suite of Honeywell Forge for Buildings solutions which provides higher asset visibility via configurable dashboards that help facility managers stay ahead of inefficiencies.

Adani’s leaders used Honeywell Forge for Buildings as a vendor-agnostic, highly secure cloud system that provides facility managers with 24/7 access to building data and insights into all building energy expenditures. The Adani Group, in the process, implemented two products, namely Honeywell Forge Performance+ for Buildings | Predictive Maintenance and Honeywell Forge Sustainability+ for Buildings | Carbon and Energy Management. Predictive Maintenance helped the Adani Group to increase their buildings’ operational efficiency and enhance compliance, safety, resiliency, and occupant experience by giving facility managers insight into HVAC asset performance. Adani’s facility managers better understood what needed to be fixed and where asset performance could be optimized to eliminate hot and cold spots around Adani’s corporate headquarters.

With regard to the Predictive Maintenance and Carbon and Energy Management products, Honeywell’s team helped the Adani Group onboard over 1,300 assets and create 67 unique Honeywell Forge analytic rules that clearly communicate energy expenditure and asset status to facility managers. Today, Adani Group headquarters has seen an increase in occupant comfort, as well as an overall increase in energy efficiency across the building.

“With Honeywell Forge for Buildings analytics working around the clock in the background, we could prioritize outcome-based activity to maintain comfort and energy conditions. Carbon and Energy Management autonomously optimized the chiller and AHU parameters SP to ensure the system is delivering the most optimized performance and ensured the occupant comfort is maintained. We were provided with the ability to identify zones deviating comfort condition and prioritize actions to deliver occupant comfort and with the opportunity to move from scheduled maintenance to predictive maintenance.”
- Ashok Kumar, GM – Admin and Facilities, Adani Enterprises Limited

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