Building On A Legacy: Energy Optimization In An Older Building

Building on Honeywell’s history of utilizing its own innovations, Honeywell’s European headquarters has implemented Honeywell Forge Sustainability⁺ for Buildings | Carbon and Energy Management to deliver energy reduction and greater comfort in a 40-plus-year-old building.


With more and more focus on reducing carbon footprint and becoming energy efficient, Honeywell’s Global Real Estate team looked toward the company’s own offerings for a solution that could meet the scope of reducing energy costs and improving sustainability with minimal impact to current practices.

Can a 40-plus-year-old building be made more energy efficient and sustainable without an upfront capital investment, cumbersome implementation, or changes to regular operational processes? This was the challenge for Honeywell’s Global Real Estate team when they sought to improve performance, reduce energy consumption, and enhance occupant experience in a busy office building in the south of England.


The Bracknell HQ building needed a solution that didn’t require replacing existing infrastructure, committing a large capital outlay, or placing more tasks on the facilities team. The implementation of Honeywell Forge Sustainability⁺ | Carbon and Energy Management addressed these business and automation challenges.

The Honeywell Forge Sustainability⁺ | Carbon and Energy Management solution uses machine learning (ML) to autonomously adjust building settings and deliver energy savings and a seamless occupant experience while decreasing the building’s carbon footprint. Occupant comfort is achieved without compromising sustainability.

Implementation was straightforward with no retrofitting required. Also, the facility maintenance team’s everyday tasks were not affected as there was no need for new energy management skills to be acquired – the solution automatically provided a visualization of the facility’s energy usage, energy savings, and comfort performance. Honeywell Forge Sustainability⁺ | Carbon and Energy Management removes elements of conflict from within the building systems and enables the onsite team to focus their efforts on the areas having maximum impact.


The expansive mid-rise located in Bracknell, UK, serves as the headquarters for Honeywell’s European operations, and customers from around the world visit daily. On a typical workday, the site accommodates over 400 occupants within a 71,041-square-foot (6.6km2) 5-floor space. 


After only 12 weeks, and during some of the warmest months of the year, Honeywell Forge Sustainability⁺ | Carbon and Energy Management delivered energy reductions of $141 per week on average by identifying inefficiencies, predicting demand, and making ML-automated adjustments to the facility. During the same period, occupant comfort was improved by 25%.

Further, the facility has experienced improved visibility into service team activities that can affect building performance via monitoring of manual overrides and sensor issues that would normally be overlooked.

The reduction of energy consumption was successfully achieved in a short time without additional costs associated with or necessitated by adding resources or changing maintenance contract scope.

Savings of $7.3K per year projected in machine learning energy optimization.

“Honeywell has a proud history of being f irst to leverage our new innovations and products throughout our global operations. As part of our plans to drive improved building performance, reduced energy consumption and enhanced occupant experience at our Bracknell, UK site Honeywell Forge Sustainability⁺ for Buildings | Carbon and Energy Management was a natural – and successful – choice.”

Jonathan Speary, Director, Honeywell Global Real Estate 

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