Supply Chain

Honeywell Forge Performance+ for Supply Chain | Workforce Intelligence


Unite People, Process and Technology

Deliver better visibility into site operations, allowing operations and maintenance teams to make informed decisions in real-time.

Task Management

Transform paper-based tasks into integrated workflows, create detailed task templates with necessary resources, and use APIs for spontaneous task generation and assignment.


Incident Response

Facilitate immediate incident reporting through existing devices and trigger responsive task workflows from existing system for incident management.

Workforce Insights

Monitor performance across sites, systems, teams, and individuals from desktop and mobile.

Enterprise Integration

Combine system data across sites, systems, and teams, and analyze diverse data sets for actionable insights.

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Related Outcomes

Increase Capacity

Increase capacity with resources you already have. Automate and unify siloed data sources into a single system of record. 

Streamline Processes

Teams can plan and prioritize critical issues. Constant collaboration across operations and maintenance teams also helps speed processes. 

Reduce Labor Costs

Plan for impending issues to save on idle labor and increase productivity, engagement and utilization.

Enable Resiliency

Drive portfolio-wide savings across multiple operations. Prevent unplanned downtime and improve the use of existing systems in real time throughout the day.

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