Leaders in today’s chemical industry need to optimize production while reducing emissions and increasing gross margins. Our solutions offer a foundation to aid in improving efficiency while monitoring for cyber attacks and helping you stay ahead of breakdowns via predictive maintenance. Honeywell industrial software is the answer to assist you with challenges in a quickly evolving chemical industry.   



Honeywell Chemical Industry Solutions at Work

     Connected Assets and Processes 

Connect your equipment assets and streamline processes. Honeywell solutions help you monitor equipment health, identify sources of performance loss and enable you to realize value sooner. 

     Industrial Cybersecurity

Access near real-time risk monitoring to help avoid downtime and cyber threats in operational technology (OT) environments. 


     Energy Management

Our solution replaces labor and time-consuming manual processes by providing a digital centerpiece that offers an automated, holistic, near real-time view of Scope 1 and 2 emissions for health, safety and environment (HSE) professionals and executive teams.

Related Outcomes

Reduce OT Cybersecurity Risk

Reduce risk by stopping cyber attacks before they happen to keep your products, people and data safer.


Support Regulatory Compliance

Meet emerging quality management standards more frequently and more quickly with comprehensive, configurable QMS software that supports visibility into your supply chains, workflows and APQR processes.

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Asset Reliability for Industrials

Drive end-to-end asset reliability with tools that merge decades of machine modeling experience with modern cloud analytics. 

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Operational Excellence for Industrials

Effective maintenance processes are essential for maximizing uptime. In connected infrastructures, distribution centers can streamline the entire maintenance task lifecycle from issue detection to response and resolution.

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End-to-End Optimization for Industrials

Unique three-layer, holistic asset modeling combined with an extensive performance data library. Honeywell’s suite of optimization tools helps users predict and apply proactive asset maintenance strategies.

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Sustainability for Industrials

Close the loop on how you measure, monitor, reduce and report on your organization’s decarbonization and sustainability goals. Honeywell is committed to helping you transform your operations and drive a sustainable future.

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