Honeywell SMX

Reduce cybersecurity risk and limit operational disruptions by monitoring, better protecting, and logging use of removable media throughout industrial facilities.


Protect Assets from Weaponized USB Attacks

A policy may state access to an asset needs to be blocked, however, without proper cybersecurity controls, a workaround could be very simple. Honeywell SMX (Secure Media Exchange), a first of its kind threat detection tool, helps provide enforceable enterprise USB and removable media protection.

How Honeywell SMX Works

Honeywell SMX provides in-depth protection against USB-based malware, while addressing your USB device regulatory and compliance challenges.

The Hardware

Go Beyond Your Enterprise's Honor System Policy

Prevent unchecked USB devices from accessing USB ports while keeping the port active for authorized devices.

GARD Threat Engine

Centralized Threat Intelligence Reporting

  • Validate against trusted software and firmware repositories (multi-vendor)
  • Validate against customer whitelists
  • Check against curated OT/IT threat research
  • Check newest threats not yet supported by AV
  • Check against customer file policies
  • Check against multiple file reputation feeds
  • Check reputation based on AV multi-scans

The GARD (Global Analysis, Research, and Defense) Threat Engine is dedicated to OT-focused cybersecurity research, innovation, and integration. As a part of the Honeywell Forge Cybersecurity solution, GARD leverages data curated from seven Honeywell cybersecurity research centers, and across 5,000 deployments in 65 countries – to provide OT threat analysis and threat detection.

Client Enforcement Driver

Security Controls that Actively Enforce Company USB Policies

Honeywell SMX helps prevent unchecked USB devices from using USB ports while keeping the port active for authorized devices. Upon visitor or employee check-out, Honeywell SMX rechecks the device for anomalies and later supports forensics by logging device information.

Enterprise Threat Management Portal

Securely Manage Files Remotely

The portal is a centralized, global dashboard that visualizes the GARD analysis and threat detection activities. With the Enterprise Threat Management Portal, you can set file policies, configure alerts and allow remote Honeywell SMX management.

GARD Threat Research Team

OT Cybersecurity Specialists

Honeywell’s Global Analysis, Research, and Defense (GARD) team is comprised of OT cybersecurity specialists focused on everything industrial. Our GARD team boasts expert support from seven Honeywell cybersecurity centers of excellence around the world.


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