OT Cybersecurity

Honeywell SMX


Reduce Cybersecurity Risk, Limit Operational Disruptions

Monitor, better protect and log use of removable media throughout industrial facilities.




Active Enforcement

Actively enforces your enterprise USB management policy.

Manageable & Scalable

Easily integrated and scaled across multiple sites.


Content Control

Uses multiple threat intel and detection techniques for optimal efficiency.


Secure: ISA-99, NIST, IEC 62443

Securely connects to the cloud without exposing the enterprise to network threats.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How does Honeywell SMX work?

Honeywell SMX helps to enforce active policy controls across your organization. The SMX gateway security device simply resides in your physical “front desk” or a site location of your choice. A consumer-driven touch screen (which works even with gloves on) intuitively prompts visitors to insert their removable media as part of the check-in procedure. Malware and other security threats are detected before they can be transmitted by USBs to critical infrastructure in the facility.

Upon visitor or employee check-out, SMX checks the device again for anomalies and later supports forensics by logging device information.

What is a weaponized USB device?

A weaponized USB device is modified or designed to exploit vulnerabilities in computer systems or to carry out unauthorized activities. These devices are typically used as a tool for cyber attacks and can pose significant risks to computer security.

Honeywell SMX helps protect against weaponized USB devices such as Rubber Ducky, OMG Cable, Bash Bunny, OMG Plug, Flipper Zero and others.

What is Honeywell GARD and how can it help my enterprise?

Honeywell GARD (Global Analysis, Research, and Defense) is dedicated to OT-focused cybersecurity research, innovation, and integration. As a part of the Honeywell's cybersecurity solution, GARD leverages data curated from 7 Honeywell cybersecurity research centers, and across 5,000 deployments in 65 countries to provide OT threat analysis and threat detection.

Does Honeywell SMX have customized data collection capabilities?

Yes. Honeywell SMX is customized during deployment to meet each specific site's needs for data collection and information access.

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Reduce OT Cybersecurity Risk

Reduce risk by enforcing active policy controls for USB devices across your organization.

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Enhance Business Continuity

Stay on top of emerging OT threats with proactive research, malware analysis and deep web mining. 

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Contact us to learn how Honeywell SMX can help provide enforceable, easily scalable USB and removable media protection. 

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