Honeywell AMIR

Helps manage the full lifecycle of industrial operational technology (OT) cybersecurity – from detection to analysis to cybersecurity incident response support.


What is AMIR?

Honeywell AMIR (Advanced Monitoring and Incident Response) helps operationalize OT/ICS threat detection and response for cybersecurity teams lacking the expertise, infrastructure, or budget to deploy a full on-premise OT-specific cyber threat monitoring and management program. Honeywell AMIR orchestrates remote cybersecurity incident response support and combines early threat detection with in-depth incident investigation to accelerate the detection of cybersecurity anomalies in a constantly evolving threat landscape.

Honeywell AMIR Benefits

Remote 24/7 Monitoring

Around the clock proactive identification, investigation and threat profiling by security analysts.

Threat Analytics

Intelligent automation rules to help proactively detect indicators of compromise, minimizing the impact of an attempted attack.

Incident Investigation

Collects, correlates and prioritizes security event data from ICS and OT assets.

World-Class Talent

Our cybersecurity experts specialize in OT environments and share knowledge across our customer base for the latest threat intel.

ISO 20000-1 Certified

Honeywell AMIR is ISO 20000-1 certified. ISO 20000-1 is an international standard that aims to shape the consistency of establishing, implementing, maintaining, and continually improving service management systems. This means Honeywell AMIR will help your current cyber threat detection program meet industry standards and help proactively minimize the impact of an attack and overall risk.


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