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Honeywell Forge Performance⁺ for Industrials | Production Intelligence


Advanced Analytics to Drive Actionable Insight

Spend less time sorting data and more time optimizing performance.



Improve Plant Throughput

See real-time performance and any problem areas.


Improve Utilization 

Early anomaly detection and abnormal situation prediction. 


Reduce Operations Deviations 

Helps optimize operating limits and predict bad actors.


Improve Worker Productivity

Shortens learning cycle by embracing reinforcement learning areas.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Why should a customer choose Production Intelligence?

Honeywell Forge Production Intelligence helps customers eliminate siloed data. The solution centralizes data from disparate systems to enable real-time visibility, stakeholder collaboration and improved operational efficiency. Analytics are used to discover and prioritize key patterns, root causes and recommended actions. This accelerates root cause analysis with guided diagnosis reducing the time and potential errors from traditional manual analysis methods.

Honeywell Forge Production Intelligence adapts operations to constantly changing conditions and demand through deviation predictions. This helps reduce operational risk while maintaining process integrity and drives cloud standardization to deliver scalable, repeatable, and easy-to-maintain outcomes. These outcomes help shorten the learning cycle and provide continuous knowledge capture for operational teams.

Our differentiators:

•       Pre-packaged with scalable models​.

•       Delivered as a service ready for enterprise scale​.

•       Seamless connectivity to OT data​.

•       Does not require data science expertise.

•       Vendor agnostic and can integrate with existing control and monitoring or historian solutions.

How can Production Intelligence integrate with third party solutions/platforms?

Production Intelligence integrates with many third party solutions and platforms to address a variety of use cases, using standard edge connectors that support data transfer via protocols like OPC, ODBC, etc. Other integration mechanisms include APIs, file transfers, etc.

Is the product setup via self-service? If not, how is setup performed?

As a SaaS offering, Production Intelligence comes with many built-in capabilities to enable usage with minimal setup effort apart from establishing connectivity and basic configuration. 

How does having Production Intelligence in the cloud help me? What additional benefits do I get from deploying Production Intelligence on Microsoft Cloud?

Production Intelligence provides scalability, gaining access to newer features when published, newer APIs which provide quicker integration with other business intelligence tools and lower cost of ownership due to cloud deployment. 

Maintenance and upkeep of asset and analytics models are managed by Honeywell, making the process simpler and reducing downtime.

•    Which cloud platform did Honeywell use to build Production Intelligence?
We built Honeywell Forge Performance+ for Industrials | Production Intelligence on Microsoft Cloud working with Microsoft.

•    What if I am not an Azure cloud customer and want to use other cloud service providers (CSPs)?
We are actively working towards deploying Production Intelligence on different cloud platform providers and expect to be available soon. Please work with your sales manager on your specific needs. 

How does Honeywell manage European data privacy regulations?

Honeywell complies with GDPR standards at all times based on geography and customer requirements.

In which Microsoft region is data being hosted?

Data is hosted in the US East zone. Honeywell is working on a plan to expand hosting capabilities globally.

Related Outcomes

Asset Reliability for Industrials

Take advantage of real-time visibility and an end-to-end perspective of operations to reduce unplanned outages and quality give away. 

Data and Analytics for Industrials

Contextualize data across multiple systems (process, control, assets, alarms and operations) and create relational data for actionable insights, meaningful KPIs and analytics driven recommendations.

Harness the power of data to maximize production operations.

Schedule a demo and learn how real-time operational monitoring with Production Intelligence can deliver actionable insights to optimize production operations and manage performance across your enterprise.

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