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Get help addressing your security needs from the simplest to the most complex, including solutions designed to provide monitoring and managing security incidents – 24/7, 365, with Honeywell MSS offerings.



Monitor for Signs of a Cyber Breach

We offer solutions designed to help you improve security for your networks, systems and endpoints through an in-depth view of your organization's security posture, improving your ability to more quickly respond to identified cyber risks.

Proactive Vulnerability & Threat Detection

Honeywell offers solutions designed to provide OT threat detection and vulnerability management, enhance your ability to identify, prevent and respond to identified cyber events, and help you minimize the impact of cybersecurity incidents.

Current Updates & Rapid Incident Response

The MSS Patch and AV service is designed to help you improve operational resilience by providing you access to up-to-date patching, policy changes and incident response support to help reduce OT cybersecurity disruptions.

Industrial Control System Security

Honeywell's Security Operations Center (SOC) is designed to enhance industrial system security and compliance programs through proactive OT visibility, industry-tested processes and decades of control system security experience.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What does Honeywell AMIR do?

Honeywell Advanced Monitoring and Incident Response (AMIR) service is designed to help you improve security for your OT environment with 24/7 threat detection, rapid incident response and continuous monitoring services. With AMIR, you get access to cyber professionals who actively monitor your networks for signs of a cyber attack. 

How does Honeywell MSS manage network security devices, like switches and firewalls?

Honeywell MSS is built for the demands of OT environments. We use OT monitoring, specialized tools and deep OT knowledge to help you improve your ability to analyze your network, pinpoint vulnerabilities beyond traditional firewalls and switches, and to provide recommended security solutions based on customer scope and design.

How does Honeywell MSS provide antivirus and patch management automation?

Honeywell MSS is designed to automate policies for patch and antivirus management into the production schedule, utilizing our MSS platform and extensive experience with seasoned OT cybersecurity analysts.

How does Honeywell provide a better-protected remote access solution to deliver managed security services and threat detection and response?

Honeywell has recently added major technology changes to its remote access solution to deliver enhanced MSS services designed to address modern cyber threats. Key features are designed to provide:

Improved identity authentication (MFA/SSO), which can be added to legacy systems without any infrastructure upgrades that can extend access to every environment.

Full visibility and control over all users, including supervised access and session recording.

Smooth integration with existing security stack, plus a single, centralized view to all access tools.

Flexible enough to operate in the cloud or on-premises with an internet connection.

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Related Outcomes

Reduce OT Cybersecurity Risk

Improved detection of cyber threats for industrial environments.

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Enhance Business Continuity

Proactively research emerging OT threats through malware analysis and deep web mining.

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Strengthen OT Cybersecurity Resilience

Improve ability to coordinate remote incident response with early threat detection and thorough incident investigation.

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Improve your ability to reduce OT cybersecurity risks and strengthen your defenses with Honeywell Managed Security Services. Get the improved security capabilities you need for OT environment.

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