Honeywell Blending and Movement


Optimize Blend Recipes and Seamlessly Transfer Products

Achieve seamless movement of products and flawless blending within plant operations for maximized safety, profitability and efficiency.



Get Optimum Blending Recipes

BLEND is multi-period, multi-blend optimization software for petroleum products. Using state-of-the-art technology, BLEND produces the optimum blending recipes for each batch.

Collect Data to Correct Off-Spec Problems

Blend Performance Monitor enables planning personnel to track performance of blending operations to analyze and improve blending reliability and profitability.

Control the Operation of In-Line Blenders

Blend Controller ensures components are blended in accordance with blend recipe specifications by controlling the pumps and flow controllers associated with the blend application.

Improve Blending Agility

With Blending Instructions the Production Scheduler can better define blending operation requirements for field personnel.

Better Tank Monitoring and Inventory Management

Inventory Monitor enables operations personnel to collect, validate and manage accurate information on the status and contents of storage tanks.

Make Lab Data Available to Operations Personnel

LIMS Viewer provides a gateway to lab data for operations personnel to manage critical quality information for use in blending, movement management and process control.

Enable Safe and Effective Material Movement

With Movement Control, operations personnel can safely execute material movements within oil refineries, tank farms and terminals by ensuring material compatibility, equipment availability and thermal relief requirements.

Record and Monitor Movement Information

Movement Monitor enables operations personnel to accurately plan and monitor material movements within oil refineries, tank farms, and terminals.

In-Line Blend Reformulation and Optimization

Control and optimize the operation of in-line blenders which produce gasoline, distillate and fuel oils. Our Blend Optimizer solution can also be applied to crude oil or chemical blending applications.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How can Honeywell Blending and Movement help my company?

The Honeywell Blending and Movement portfolio enhances plant operations in multiple ways:

·         Provides automated start-up, operation and shutdown of blending equipment with recipe validation and control.

·         Reduces product giveaway by using a model-based property control/optimization.

·         Increases tank farm safety.

·         Addresses inventory, contamination and spill challenges.

·         Reduces product downgrades/losses. 

What differentiates Honeywell Blending and Movement?

Honeywell Blending and Movement offers unique advantages:

·         Comprehensive standard and scalable solution.

·         Seamless integration between blending and movement management and an industry-leading path selection algorithm for movement control.

·         Largest installed base.

·         Unmatched domain experience.

·         A global team (support, operations, development) which can provide local support capabilities 24/7.

How would my company begin the process to learn more about Honeywell Blending and Movement?

The first step involves an open discussion to understand your current challenges, your existing solutions and your goals and objectives. This could be complemented with product demonstrations. Request a demo now to get started. 

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See it in action and learn how Honeywell can help you take your blending and movement operations to the next level.

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