Closing the Skills Gap and Accelerating Time to Competency

Operations leaders face more personnel challenges today than ever. We’ve been hearing about the “Great Crew Change” for several years before the pandemic – the loss of experienced staff through retirement and a gap of experienced staff to replace them.

Newer personnel often have different expectations with respect to their time in a role, opportunities for their personal development, and a strong preference for modernized training methods.

The need to have effective tools to enable knowledge transfer and retention in the organization; the increasing complexity in plants; the drive for greater productivity; and the expectations of new age staff are all driving the need to appropriately train workers.

It is substantially hard to teach real-world experience in classrooms, books, or videos, and on-the-job training has become almost infeasible.  So, what can management departments, training superintendents and operations managers do to close the skills gap and accelerate time to competency? 

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