Astrazeneca Unifies Tracking

All necessary Track & Trace information is now available in one app, even offline, and can be used from any mobile scanning device.



  • Single centralized database
  • Instantaneous response of scanners
  • 100% accuracy
  • Batch verification against SAP outbound deliveries


AstraZeneca needed to comply with a growing number of country-specific regulations, requiring products to be traceable through the supply chain. In order to fulfil these regulations, AstraZeneca  was obliged not only to change existing warehouse processes,  but also to equip warehouse and prodution staff with equipment  to allow them to efficiently record  the movement of products down  to the sales pack. AstraZeneca  also wanted to provide inspectors and sales representatives with  the means to verify the status of products directly in the field. 

One major concern was the impact a single centralized database may have on the performance of scanning devices that are used to capture data in the warehouse – and an instantaneous response was requested. Accuracy was of paramount importance, along with the ability to verify material batch quantities against outbound SAP deliveries being a key expectation.

The app works offline and runs on any scanning device, even smartphones


AstraZeneca selected Honeywell Forge as the solution, due to its clear GUI, it‘s ability to process data offline, as well as its standard SAP connectors. The Honeywell Forge Track & Trace solution was used to equip warehouse and production staff with handheld scanners connected to a central SAP Track & Trace system that is hosted by SAP in the SAP Enter-prise Cloud. For more conve-nience, the Honeywell Forge Track & Trace was also deployed on picking tables used to scan multiple codes and forklift termi-nals, as well as on Android and  iOS mobile devices that are used by field inspectors to verify  product status and master data. 

Product traceability has become a mission-critical, license-to-operate requirement across the pharmaceutical industry

Honeywell Forge Track & Trace was selected because it was the most suitable solution in the market for such a mission-critical operation involving a large variety of mobile scanning devices – smartphones, fork lifts, picking tables, etc. Its out-of-the-box integration with SAP Track & Trace and SAP WM/MM, the rapid development – build once and run on 8 different platforms – and secure support for 3rd party devices made this platform uniquely suitable to meet global track & trace requirements. 

The Consumer Experience was also important, as the app had to be very simple to use, with minimal training included, which again Honeywell Forge could easily fulfill.


  • Clear GUI
  • Offline processing of data
  • Support of any mobile device (smartphones, scanners, forklifts, picking tables)
  • Out-of-the-box integration with SAP (SAP Track & Trace, SAP WM/MM, etc.)
  • Secure 3PL integration
  • Truly cross-platform
  • Multi-language support


AstraZeneca‘s Global Track & Trace program was a great success and is now rolled out across 75% of their global network, meeting compliance deadlines in China, Korea & Brazil whilst providing enabling capability for many new legislations through 2016/18. 

“Honeywell Forge provided AstraZeneca with a simple and robust operator inter-face that enabled us to confidently utilize a single global Track & Trace platform without the risk of scanning latency”, said Robin Ashman, GST Deployment Lead Global Supply Chain & Strategy at AstraZeneca. “Although Honeywell Forge  was only a part of the entire solution, the fact that it allowed us to operate offline and that it supported multiple scanning devices and languages, gave us the flexibility and adaptability to  make the entire program a great success.”

Honeywell Forge provided AstraZeneca with a simple and robust operator interface for easy scanning.

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