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The commercial real estate business helps keep industries and enterprises across the world up and running. Honeywell’s software suite uses data-driven insights to help building leaders deliver a safer, more comfortable occupant experience, drive towards sustainability goals and prioritize operational efficiency and asset reliability.


Honeywell Real Estate Solutions at Work

     Drive Efficiency and Reliability

Use AI-generated insights to help your buildings and assets operate at peak performance. All while helping you to streamline workflows, optimize energy use, and promote asset longevity to drive toward more eco-conscious operations.

     Elevate Cybersecurity

Protect your operational technology (OT) with a full suite of products designed to provide early threat detection and use data-driven insights to help you protect your assets. 


     Stay Compliant and Secure

Meet compliance and safety regulations more often, more easily. Cutting-edge security and vendor-agnostic building management software monitors trends and recommends operational changes based on real-time data that helps you meet building performance goals. 


Real Estate Products that Drive Outcomes

Reduce OT Cybersecurity Risk

Help eliminate cyber attacks before they happen with a suite of products designed to let you focus on occupant safety and comfort, while helping to keep your assets, staff and data safer.

Drive Sustainability Goals for Buildings

Drive toward a more sustainable future with products that track and report on sustainability initiatives, help maintain compliance and accountability, aid in reducing energy consumption, and help you manage emissions.

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Foster Building-Wide Occupant Experience

Help tenants comply with building-wide regulations while helping to keep visitors safe, secure and comfortable.

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Create Buildings Resilience

Keep your building’s foundation solid while remaining flexible in the face of incidents. Use configurable workflows and real-time data insights to help coordinate maintenance, minimize downtime, and respond to setbacks quickly.

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Support Safety and Security for Buildings

Help keep visitors, staff and contractors safer. Configurable dashboards display near real-time data and asset maintenance needs for vital alarm and security systems.

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Help Manage Compliance for Buildings

Support your compliance with enterprise and government regulations by implementing vendor communication tools and controlling complex operations through an interactive map of your site.

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Keep building your operational efficiency.

With Honeywell, your buildings can be safer and more comfortable for occupants while operating reliably and sustainably.

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