Amway Leverages Honeywell Forge Performance Plus to reduce HVAC failures


15% increase in “excellent” rated comfort performance zones over 3-month period


As one of the world’s largest direct sales companies, a substantial part of Amway’s business is the manufacturing and distribution of their high-quality nutrition, beauty, personal care, and home products.

Amway has a history of being driven to provide scientific excellence and innovation in their products. So, when their critical facility in India was experiencing frequent HVAC failures, they looked to their long-time partnership with Honeywell to accelerate their digital transformation and modernize their facility management capabilities.

Seeking to apply their passion for science and innovation to building maintenance and management, Amway needed to create a single system of record to improve transparency for their daily building operations and streamline maintenance service cases.


Amway needed a better way to manage HVAC maintenance and failures to balance indoor comfort against energy consumption, with an eye on savings. This delicate balance is possible, but only if you first have a complete, clear view into your data. Specifically, your Operational Technology data.

Working closely with Honeywell’s experts, the Amway team identified a mass of underutilized and fragmented official data across their current systems. They deployed Honeywell Forge Performance+ Predictive Maintenance to capitalize on the opportunity to drive building operations with a data-based strategy and create a single view to quickly streamline service cases. And through their partnership with the Amway team, Honeywell was able to quickly model analytical rules that fit Amway’s operational conditions.

Amway looked closely into their operational zones within the facility, specifically tied to comfort and particulates. Each zone was rated Poor, Average, Good or Excellent based on the % of time that each zone is within its designated range for each period. This is dependent on temperature, C02 and humidity…it is also tied to the total number of hours that the zone/building is occupied.


As they had hoped, the customer deployed Honeywell Forge Performance+ to serve as a system of record and help solve data fragmentation with a dashboard that represents a single source of truth. The facility managers were able to easily access site specific insights including insight for filter cleaning, supply fan speed, cooling valve oscillation and air temperature -- all in a single pane view.

The focus on improved HVAC performance paid off and over a 3-month period, Predictive Maintenance helped Amway improve gain 15% incremental increase in ‘Excellent’ rated zones (an increase from 23 to 29).

The Amway facility team and onsite Honeywell Contract Service workers continued to review operational inefficiencies and present opportunities for system improvements.

With Predictive Maintenance, Amway is be able to see algorithm-based analysis and automated workflow to quickly identify service cases and proactively address issues to decrease asset downtime and increase asset life. The AI and ML models can supplement rules-based methods for fault prediction by forecasting trends of equipment degradation, anomaly detection by identifying observations within the data that are different from the majority and enable Root Cause Analysis which provides explanations on the likely reasons for observed abnormalities in the asset. These advanced algorithms provide new Insights into the data and learn and adapt to changes in the HVAC system.

“Honeywell Forge’s core tech team was involved in identifying the pattern of operations and scope of improvement on the operational aspects of our facility. This study gave much more insight into our operational parameters.”- Amway official

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