Supply Chain


In the age of e-commerce, keeping your operations safe, compliant and visible from end-to-end is more important than ever. Honeywell connected supply chain solutions are designed to help you optimize your supply chain at every stage of the process.




Supply Chain Software at Work

     Real-Time, Secure Visibility

From factory floor to retail shelf, track individual assets at critical steps in the supply chain via reliable, scalable and secure databases that  integrate with your existing sytems.

    Optimize Asset Utilization

Boost asset performance and reliability with tools that leverage your existing warehouse technology investments, anticipate downtime and use predictive maintenance to identify problems before they arise.


    Take Your Data Further

Your enterprise generates mountains of data. enterprise performance management (EPM) helps you make sense of it. Honeywell EPM solutions use advanced software, AI in buildings and machine learning to turn your data into actionable insights and automated control systems that help improve performance.

Supply Chain Products That Drive Outcomes

Address Regulatory Requirements

Better address regulatory requirements with traceability solutions that help relevant supply chain stakeholders address new and existing requirements.

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Operational Efficiency

Increased communication capabilities provide real-time visibility into worker performance, which helps reduce unplanned downtime, optimizes incident response and reduces the cost per case shipped.

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Improved Workforce Orchestration

Onboard new workers and retain critical labor with technology that helps increase productivity, improve engagement and reduce overall attrition.

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Supply Chain Resilience

Bounce back from disruptions and prevent future incidents with products that provide better visibility into workforce and asset performance, help track against KPIs with real-time data, and provide actionable insights that help you make more informed decisions.

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Ready for real-time optimization?

Explore turnkey solutions designed to help protect your supply chain, fortify your workforce and better address regulatory requirements.

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