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New Product Introductions And Enhancements

To Our Flagship Honeywell Forge Line


Honeywell Forge Performance+ for Industrials | Asset Performance

Drive performance improvement in industrial facilities with performance monitoring, machine learning and predictive analytics.

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Honeywell Forge Performance+ for Buildings | Site Performance

Pinpoint root causes and identify site issues before failures occur to help improve equipment uptime, occupant comfort and asset longevity, while reducing contracted maintenance spend.

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Honeywell Forge Performance+ for Warehouses

Help keep your warehouse operations and distribution centers on plan by orchestrating the multitude of assets, labor and inventory using advanced analytics providing real-time visibility.

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More Product Enhancements

To Optimize Performance


Honeywell Plantwide Optimizer

Integrate business planning, operations and blending in a unified, real-time, gate-to-gate framework for facility-wide control and end-to-end optimization..

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TrackWise, TrackWise Digital,

Deliver better quality, compliance and improved business and patient outcomes across the entire life sciences value network through an AI-powered QMS solution.

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Honeywell Workforce Competency

Deliver comprehensive skill and competency training for console and field operators to help ensure plant reliability and maximize overall performance.

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Sine Lobbies

Enable a smarter approach to multi-tenant building visitor management to maintain a seamless visitor experience while offering the independence and data security tenants need.

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