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Exceed Asset Reliability Goals

Drive enterprise-level asset reliability with native cloud solutions.


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Prevent Failures

Address asset health, integrity, cybersecurity, efficiency and energy performance in a single solution.

Go End-to-End

End-to-end solution to eliminate unplanned downtime. Includes pre-assessment, program delivery, benefits realization services.

Realize Value Faster

Automatic updates and continuous upgrades provide standardized, faster, scalable enterprise deployment.

Detect Issues Earlier

Closed-loop process strategies with hybrid AI/ML models and integrated workflows help recover processes quickly.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the advantages of migration to cloud deployment from on-premises deployment?

Industrial end users can now realize outcome-based asset reliability by incorporating end-to-end SaaS software and services. Including a maturity assessment, a value-based roadmap, program delivery and benefits realization services.

A common SaaS platform helps our customers leverage standardized, faster, and scalable deployment with automatic updates and continuous functionality upgrades. 

Honeywell Forge Performance+ for Industrials | Asset Performance leverages predictive analytics addressing asset health, integrity, cybersecurity, efficiency and energy performance in one solution.

Industrials users can experience reduced total cost of ownership, cutting-edge cybersecurity, and closed-loop work order integration and cross-functional collaboration. All with a modern user experience in an enterprise-scalable solution.

How does Performance+ Asset Performance differ from Honeywell Asset Sentinel or Honeywell Asset Performance Management (APM)?

Asset Sentinel was the onsite version of Honeywell Asset Performance Management (APM).  Honeywell APM can be deployed either in a local cloud or in a virtualized environment on-site.

Honeywell Forge Performance+ for Industrials | Asset Performance is deployed as a cloud-native SaaS solution (Microsoft cloud). In addition to Honeywell APM capabilities, switching to or acquiring Performance+ Asset Performance provides the following:

• Scalability.

• Access new features when published.

• Quicker integration with other business intelligence tools.

• Lower total cost of ownership due to cloud deployment.

In addition, maintenance and upkeep of asset models and analytics models are managed by Honeywell, which makes the process simpler and reduces downtime.

How long is the expected duration between implementation of the system and observing results?

Based on an anticipated average estimated from previous Honeywell Forge Asset Sentinel implementations for 2008-2019, end users can expect:

• 6-8 weeks for analytics.

• Less than 2 months to achieve insights and realize value.

Factors affecting the duration are connectivity, data availability, historian, process and instrumentation diagrams (P&IDs), build registry and operational data.

What is Turbomachinery Advisor?

Helps industrial operators get the most out of their CCC turbomachinery control systems and mission critical assets like compressors by leveraging self-guided tools and diagnostics designed with over five decades of CCC turbomachinery controls know-how. It achieves this by enabling quicker and more through critical post event analysis, recommendation of the optimal operating condition to reduce excess recycle and energy use, and identification of unperforming control performance loops. Turbomachinery Advisor is a collection of advanced, pre-built asset models and dashboards available in Honeywell’s asset performance management (APM) offerings. Turbomachinery Advisor can be deployed in cloud as a SaaS offering powered by Honeywell Forge Performance+ for Industrials | Asset Performance solution or be deployed on-premise with Honeywell Asset Performance Management. Turbomachinery Advisor is one of over 40 pre-built industrial asset models available in Honeywell APM solutions. While Honeywell APM is vendor agnostic, Turbomachinery Advisor is built for CCC control systems.

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