OT Cybersecurity Critical Infrastructure

In Today’s Connected World, Cyber Attacks Can Come from Nearly Any Direction

Cyber attacks on critical infrastructure can come from nearly any direction. The source of the problem may be a nation state or terrorist trying to maliciously take your assets offline, a cyber criminal looking for a ransomware payday or a well-meaning employee inserting an innocent-looking USB drive into a network device.  

If you’re responsible for safeguarding your organization’s operational technology (OT) cybersecurity you need to be ready for these and hundreds of other potential scenarios lurking just outside – or maybe inside – your facilities.

Prominent cases of attacks against critical infrastructure have made headlines in recent years, but that only begins to describe the scope and severity of the threat according to Honeywell, which has been helping industrial companies improve their protections against cybersecurity threats for over two decades.

We take OT cybersecurity seriously and help customers add layers of defense with an end-to-end approach that helps reduce risk and helps protect people, processes and assets.

Proactive Cybersecurity Solutions Can Help Ward Off Hackers

The Cybersecurity Infrastructure Security Agency (CISA) has made protecting critical infrastructure a top priority. CISA has identified 16 infrastructure sectors considered essential to our way of life. Honeywell works with customers in all 16 sectors, including many in process industries that leverage our experienced cybersecurity professionals in complex industrial control systems and OT cybersecurity. These include chemicals, manufacturing, energy, information technology, transportation, and other critical infrastructure sectors.

Based on industrial cybersecurity experience gained on projects in over 130 countries, Honeywell’s OT cybersecurity offerings can help operators in most sectors to improve their defenses and reduce risks. Our vendor-agnostic solutions help customers identify, prioritize and reduce OT cyber risks before they disrupt your operations.

Focus Here to Help Reduce Cybersecurity Risks to Critical Infrastructure

Where to direct efforts to better mitigate threats.

USB ports are useful for connecting assets and network devices, but they also are an easy way for malware to get into the system, according to the 2024 Honeywell Industrial Cybersecurity USB Threat Report. You can help reduce your cybersecurity risk by establishing and enforcing strict USB policies and implementing the use of Honeywell Secure Media Exchange (SMX) as part of your cybersecurity program. Honeywell SMX is designed to scan removable media and to help customers prevent unchecked devices from accessing the customer’s network, while keeping ports active for approved media. Honeywell SMX uses a proprietary cloud-based threat engine portal, deployed at level 4, to assist customers in checking all USB drives and identifying cyber threats.

Honeywell Advanced Monitoring & Incident Response (AMIR) managed service helps customers monitor their networks, assets, devices and people. Through use of Honeywell’s designated security operation centers (SOCs), the Honeywell AMIR service helps customers monitor plants networks and systems via a dedicated secure data tunnel. Security information is gathered from firewalls, antivirus software, routers, hardware, control systems, equipment and other connected devices. The Honeywell AMIR service is designed to aggregate this information and rigorously analyze it to detect anomalies that could be signs of malware, hackers, internal security breaches or configuration errors.

Over the last 20 years, Honeywell OT cybersecurity consulting services have helped hundreds of industrial companies find more effective ways to help protect their critical OT networks and assets from cyber attacks. During intensive workshops at one of our Cybersecurity Centers of Excellence, our consulting team will work with your company’s OT and IT leaders to determine the right approach for your company’s OT cyber challenges and vulnerabilities.

Contact us via our online form, or reach out to your Honeywell representative to find out how we can help you improve your cybersecurity programs to better protect your critical assets from cyber threats.