How 3 Companies Reinvented Their Workflows with Connectivity

Thanks to field operations software, workers no longer lack the real-time data and on-the-go mobile access they need in mission-critical situations.

At any point in their work, field operations workers need immediate access to critical data, whether they’re trying to locate parts to close a deal on-site or repairing malfunctions at a customer’s plant to avoid expensive downtime. If these connections to data aren't made, it can slow operations, lower productivity and result in lost sales.

Honeywell Forge greatly simplifies the situation by unifying complex back-end data systems and joining data and infrastructure onto a single platform. Everything workers need is in one place, accessible from any device, online or offline. 

Users can create and manage their own accounts, and multiple user groups can also be connected. The platform also provides strategic tools and solutions to develop new apps, products and services.

Here are three examples of how it works. 

Copec - Chile

Empresas Copec is one of the largest energy and forestry companies in South America, with a chain of gas stations throughout Chile and Colombia. These stations provide car repair services in addition to selling tires, machinery and vehicles.


Copec wanted to be more agile in providing repairs in 100 percent of their gas stations. Their account managers needed standardized tools to access customer details and document visits — even when they’re offline — without logging onto salesforce.com. Copec's back-end systems weren’t connected and couldn’t present consolidated data.


By connecting their IT systems to the right people, our solution ensured that gas station repairs were flagged and fixed much faster and 100 percent of gas stations were operational. It also provided offline capabilities, a critical feature that’s a must for gas stations, especially in remote areas. Copec was able to minimize downtime and increase profitability.


“As the market leader for oil and gas distribution in Chile and Colombia, reliability, innovation and 100% availability of our gas stations is crucial. With [this solution], we’ve not only gained agility in our service repairs, but we’ve set the basis for a scalable mobility platform that will help Copec innovate faster and leaner, and tap new business models and service opportunities.”

– Frederic Chaveyriat, CFO, Copec Group

Deere & Company - United States

Deere & Company, commonly known as John Deere, is one of the world’s largest manufacturers of agricultural equipment and is a major producer of construction, forestry and lawn and grounds care equipment. They have factories throughout the world, and distribute their products through independent retail dealers in over 160 countries. They have nearly 5,000 sales representatives.


John Deere wanted to accelerate their sales process and centralize all the information and documents salespeople needed to close a deal on-site.


Our platform connected the disparate back-end systems of John Deere worldwide. It aggregated all sales information (specs, videos, documentation and pricing) and created an ordering system that includes delivery details. Replacing paper forms, manual documentation and order updates made their employees more efficient and more effective in selling.


“With the [app], we were able to address the mobility demand, and the need to facilitate and speed up sales processes, while making them more efficient, accurate and complete.”

– Stefan Muegge, Manager, E-Business, John Deere Europe

Orica - Australia

Orica is the world’s largest service provider of commercial explosives, used primarily in mining and construction. They have more than 12,500 employees and customers in over 100 countries.


Orica needed to implement a track and trace solution for EU customers to be compliant with the Directive 2014/28/EU. This measure requires Orica to track every explosive down to the item level and store the data for 10 years.


Our platform for field operations combined with an internal track and trace (T&T) platform with mobile apps reduced the need for a costly infrastructure. Orica customers and distributors use it for all products required to follow the new standard. It’s also agile and flexible enough to be ready for future requirements and enhancements.


"The project goal was to develop a track and trace solution that our customers in Europe could use to comply to the new EU traceability directive. This cloud solution gave us a way to have minimal infrastructure on-site. And it is perfectly scalable. For us, it’s a compliance element, as well as an opportunity to get closer to our customers with our product offerings." 

– Colleen Ning, Program Manager, Orica

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