New ‘Diagnose’ Module Helps Industrial Customers Drive Production Efficiency

– Production Intelligence Solution Launches New Release 

Kevin Rainey
External Communications, Honeywell Connected Enterprise

One of the biggest challenges facing industrial companies is improving operational performance to drive more efficient operations. A number of digital solutions exist, but very few – if any – of these solutions can determine root cause by using near real-time data and analytics.

So Honeywell went to work on a new module of Honeywell Forge Performance+ for Industrials | Production Intelligence to bring root cause analysis to production insights. The solution is an AI/ML enabled, cloud-based platform that enables customers to unify and contextualize OT and IT data for real-time performance monitoring and guided diagnostics. The launch of the “Diagnose” module helps customers identify probable cause to deliver actionable insights for maximizing production.

I had a chance to speak with Shanita Woodard, product management lead of Honeywell Connected Industrials to learn more. She explained the need for the product expansion:

“We have several large oil and gas companies that have been piloting the module, and their production teams needed to quickly understand why production results were sometimes varying from their targets. However, their engineers would often lose valuable time gathering, preparing and analyzing their data from disparate systems, making it difficult and time consuming to identify the root cause of failure to prevent future occurrences.”

According to Ms. Woodard, production teams at a key strategic operator have used capabilities within the new Diagnose module of Production Intelligence to identify system interdependencies and relationships across underlying OT application data for maintenance activities. Understanding the contributing factors ultimately allowed the operator to identify and resolve problems faster and focus on operational performance. This improvement is anticipated to produce faster, safer and more consistent operations by using data analytics.

At the end of the day, Production Intelligence uses real-time data and analytics to create an enterprise view of organizations’ entire operations. The Diagnose module enables organizations to drive better efficiency and increased profitability through enhanced root cause analysis.

We are excited to share these new capabilities with you. To learn more, request a demo via our product page.