Honeywell and Microsoft combine decades of deep industry domain expertise with the world’s most technically advanced, connected edge-to-cloud software solutions. This collaboration is dedicated to helping our customers make their digitalization, sustainability and enterprise resiliency journey a reality.






Unleash Transformation with Connected Edge-to-Cloud Solutions

Through advanced analytics and AI-driven insights, we deliver comprehensive, industrial grade solutions to help optimize operations, reduce energy consumption and enhance overall operational efficiency across various industries including industrial, aerospace and commercial real estate.


The Power of Partnership








Drive sustainable buildings

Remove the hassle of siloed energy data with a tool that assists with optimizing energy use. Honeywell Forge Sustainability+ for Buildings | Carbon and Energy Management prioritizes cost-effective ways to save, analyzing utility bills and providing access to comprehensive and actionable emissions insights.

Transform building performance

Comprehensive dashboards comprise real-time predictive analytics and digital equipment models that work together. Honeywell Forge Performance+ for Buildings | Predictive Maintenance helps identify issues before asset failures occur, supports operational longevity, aids in reducing downtime and helps enable the decrease of your maintenance spending.

Improve industrial asset reliability

Outcome-based SaaS software and services leverage predictive analytics to address asset health, integrity, cybersecurity, efficiency and energy performance. All available in one solution – Honeywell Forge Performance⁺ for Industrials | Asset Performance – for standardized, faster, scalable deployment.

Achieve industrial sustainability targets

Monitor near real-time operational data and calculate near absolute amounts of greenhouse gases. Honeywell Forge Sustainability+ for Industrials | Emissions Management offers enterprise-wide emissions alerts via configurable dashboards help you track changes as you work towards your sustainability goals.

Enhance visualization

Get an unobstructed view into past issues and troubleshooting incidents, present KPIs and future asset performance. Virtual predictions help reduce downtime and help you optimize for sustainability.

Next generation workforce

Drive worker confidence with enterprise-wide simulation-based learning. Trainees can gain both knowledge and experience to handle complex situations and execute analysis and decision-making tasks while being mentored anywhere and anytime.

Operational excellence

Honeywell Forge Performance+ for Industrials | Production Intelligence helps customers eliminate siloed data. The solution centralizes data from disparate systems to enable real-time visibility, stakeholder collaboration and improved operational efficiency. Analytics are used to discover and prioritize key patterns, root causes and recommended actions.

Greater efficiency, less fuel

Incorporate tools to support optimization aircraft operations, reduction fuel consumption, enhancement of route planning and maximization of overall operational efficiency of aircraft fleets..

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