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In healthcare and pharmaceuticals, a stable building environment is about more than keeping employees and patients comfortable – it's about protecting research, production and patient safety. Smart pharma buildings help smart people do their best work, meet goals and make a difference with offices, labs, and clean spaces that are more productive and sustainable 1.

1 According to this article.

Answers Are Hiding in Your Building Data

Your facilities generate mountains of data. Enterprise Performance Management (EPM) helps you make sense of it. EPM uses advanced software, AI in buildings and machine learning to turn your data into actionable insights and automated control systems that improve performance and employee and patient experience 2.

2 According to this article

Discover the Cure for Underperforming Buildings

Honeywell Forge takes EPM to a new level. It uses operation technology (OT) data to automatically make decisions, optimize building performance and prevent unplanned maintenance problems. Honeywell Forge is flexible and scalable to meet your changing needs and future expansion.

Discover OT edge devices, connect them to the cloud and enable centralized control – regardless of make or model.
Harness AI to automatically analyze and adjust HVAC set points to help reduce energy consumption and CO2 emissions in every building. *
Continuously analyze asset performance to identify issues before failures occur to help improve performance, reduce downtime and contracted maintenance spend. **
Integrate building controls, air quality sensors, video feeds and secure access points to help optimize building health and reassure employees as part of your back-to-business strategy.

*Based on findings from implementations of Honeywell Forge Energy Optimization at various customer sites over a 6+ month timeline. Depending on equipment type, typical customers achieved an average of 10-20% savings after 3 months of deploying Honeywell Forge Energy Optimization. Results may vary. Past performance is not indicative of future results and Honeywell does not guarantee associated energy savings.


**Based on findings from the implementation of the Honeywell Forge Digitized Maintenance solution at the Crown Towers luxury resort in Perth, Australia. The solution helped Crown Towers reduce reactive work orders by 90% by providing faster inputs on potential maintenance issues versus traditional annual maintenance schedules.

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