atlanta skyline at sunset
atlanta skyline at sunset

Capitalize on Your Portfolio

You Can Bank on Smarter Buildings

Smart, connected buildings make offices and branches more comfortable, healthy and productive1. Investing in an intelligent building portfolio helps financial services leaders optimize performance, sustainability and achieve consistent client satisfaction across the board.

1 According to this article

Get Bullish on Your Data

It’s time to make your building data work for you. Enterprise Performance Management (EPM) unlocks visibility to give you control of your portfolio with AI in buildings and machine learning that guides you to a great guest experience – in every office and branch.

Reduce the Risk in Your Building Portfolio

Honeywell Forge is an EPM solution for operations that pays dividends on data by leveraging autonomous systems to make accurate decisions faster. With unified performance data and the flexibility to scale your business digital transformation strategy, Honeywell Forge extends with your organization as it grows.

Discover OT edge devices, connect them to the cloud and enable centralized control – regardless of make or model.
Energy Optimization
Harness smart building AI to automatically analyze and adjust HVAC set points to help reduce energy consumption and CO2 emissions in every building. *
Predictive Maintenance
Continuously analyze asset performance to identify issues before failures occur to help improve performance, reduce downtime and contracted maintenance spend. **
Healthy Buildings
Integrate building controls, air quality sensors, video feeds and secure access points to help optimize building health and reassure employees as part of your back-to-business strategy.

*Based on findings from implementations of Honeywell Forge Energy optimization at various customer sites over a 6+ month timeline. Depending on equipment type, typical customers achieved an average of 10-20% savings after 3 months of deploying Honeywell Forge Energy Optimization. Results may vary. Past performance is not indicative of future results and Honeywell does not guarantee associated energy savings.

**Based on findings from the implementation of the Honeywell Forge Digitized Maintenance Solution at the Crown Towers luxury resort in Perth, Australia. The solution helped Crown Towers reduce reactive work orders by 90% by providing faster inputs on potential maintenance issues versus traditional annual maintenance schedules.

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Download this whitepaper to learn:

  • The building blocks of IoT in financial services scalability
  • The need for enterprise performance management (EPM)
  • How to build the ideal portfolio management solution

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This is Digital Transformation in Buildings – At Scale

Learn how:

  • Honeywell Forge (EPM) drives operational transformation at scale
  • To centralize operations, streamline decision-making and improve critical processes
  • An extensible platform can help futureproof

Portfolio Operations Transformed

Learn how:

  • An EPM solution can modernize your operations
  • Intelligent automation is the next-step change for Commercial Real Estate portfolios
  • To reduce maintenance and energy costs while improving occupant experience and sustainability

The Evolution of Predictive Maintenance

Learn how:

  • How building maintenance has evolved and where it’s headed
  • What predictive analytics means for business continuity
  • Why the uptime of your building systems matters for research and production

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