Strategic Partners

Expand your capabilities and provide your customers added value by partnering with Honeywell.

Give Your Customers a Strategic Advantage

We invite technology providers, consultants, solution providers and systems integrators to collaborate with us and grow in our customer ecosystem. As partners, we’ll share insights and expertise to help you and your customers meet the surging demand for digital transformation solutions that scale.

Our Partners

Transforming Building Management
Honeywell and Microsoft team up to reshape building management by proactively driving energy savings while simultaneously optimizing occupant comfort.
Optimize your plant profitability
Honeywell and Princeps team up to provide Refining and Petrochemical customers with supply chain software that cover planning, scheduling, blend and crude optimization.
Mine deeper insights into oil and gas assets
Halliburton and Honeywell collaborate to improve asset productivity from reservoir to point of sale.

Types of Partnerships

Global Strategic Alliances

These alliances provide unique capabilities and resources to achieve aligned, critical objectives. They can transcend multiple verticals and projects.

Consulting and Service Providers

Influencers of system integrators can differentiate their services through us, and apply our vision to product design, development and integration.

Solution Partners

If you’re an ISV and OEM who bundles or embeds Honeywell Forge in your own solution, you can use our developer community to build, test market and sell.

Value-Added Resellers

This engagement model is designed for partners who resell our solutions, services and applications without modification directly to customers.

Partner Journey Overview