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"Honeywell's partnership with Microsoft will deliver new value to our customers as we help them solve business challenges by digitizing their operations. Working with Microsoft, Honeywell will bring solutions at scale – powered by AI-driven insights and immediate access to data – that will help our customers work more efficiently than ever before."

Honeywell Connected Enterprise
President and CEO

"To achieve resilient operations and sustainable growth, businesses need to partner to fully unlock the opportunities of cloud, AI and IoT technologies. By integrating Honeywell and Microsoft services, companies turn IoT data into critical business insights and actions to optimize operations and deliver new customer value faster."

Microsoft Worldwide Commercial Business
Judson Althoff, Executive Vice President

Energy Optimization

Sustainability on Autopilot

Honeywell Forge Energy Optimization transforms how essential building systems are managed. This cloud-based, closed-loop, machine-learning solution enables autonomous control of a building’s HVAC generating insights with speed and precision that cannot be replicated through human effort.



Predictive Maintenance

Transform with Intelligent Automation

Honeywell Forge Energy Optimization transforms how essential bHoneywell Forge Predictive Maintenance identifies equipment faults before problems occur leveraging IoT, analytics and advanced machine learning from the edge. Seamlessly connect, auto-discover and gather data for a holistic view of your buildings’ assets while providing actionable insights and remote operation.



*Based on findings from implementations of Honeywell Forge Energy Optimization at various customer sites over a 6+ month timeline. Depending on equipment type, typical customers achieved an average of 10-20% savings after 3 months of deploying Honeywell Forge Energy Optimization. Results may vary. Past performance is not indicative of future results and Honeywell does not guarantee associated energy savings.

**Based on findings from the implementation of the Honeywell Forge Predictive Maintenance solution at the Crown Towers luxury resort in Perth, Australia. The solution helped Crown Towers reduce reactive work orders by 90% by providing faster inputs on potential maintenance issues versus traditional annual maintenance schedules.


Learn How To:

  • Transform energy cost management without sacrificing occupant comfort
  • Save time and money with autonomous asset control
  • Interpret energy consumption and efficiency through a single, secured cloud-based platform

Honeywell Forge Energy Optimization

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Transforming Sustainability Through Artificial Intelligence

Learn from industry experts about how AI achieves suitability goals and the modernization of building systems through IIoT.

Usman Shuja
Chief Commercial Officer
Honeywell Connected Enterprise

Gretchen O'Hara
VP, US AI & Sustainability Strategy

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