The Connected Worker Of The Future Is Here


Extend your digital transformation investments beyond your assets and processes to transform your most valuable resource, your people.

Whether it’s the field technician who needs to talk to an expert, a field operator who needs immediate access to technical documentation or the need for automated workflows, Honeywell has a solution.

Get the infographic to discover how Honeywell Forge Workforce Productivity is activating the connected workforce with solutions that are promote remote collaboration and enable secure access to information when frontline professionals need it the most.

The Benefits of A Connected Workforce?

We are helping customers adapt to the ‘new normal’ of the Covid-19 environment:

  • Enabling remote collaboration and knowledge share via Intelligent Wearables

  • Ensuring compliance and standardization with established maintenance processes

  • Capturing critical operating data that is often missed with manual approaches to enable world-class analytics and advisories

  • Supporting the need to evolve planning and scheduling activities to match the new operating requirements

Our customers have observed:

  • 60% time savings compared to inspection paper-based systems

  • 15% accelerated resolution time of plant incidents

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