Honeywell ACT | Pharma Regulatory Compliance Solution

Enabling Turn-Key UAE Tatmeen Pharma Regulation Compliance

An End-to-End Traceability Compliance Solution

As per Ministerial Decree No. 73 by December 13, 2022 all retail pharmacies are required to capture and report key business events in the handling of pharmaceuticals to the UAE Ministry of Health and Prevention’s Tatmeen platform.  

As an experienced traceability solution provider, Honeywell provides an out of box solution that can make it easy to become compliant quickly.

Honeywell ACT | Pharma features software for regulatory compliance for serialization, tracking and tracing and for supply chain improvement in the pharmaceutical industry.

Get Compliant Now

As an experienced end-to-end solution provider, Honeywell can help enable you to meet your UAE Pharma Tatmeen Regulation obligations.​

What We Do

As a pharma supply chain stakeholder, the software you use will collect the corresponding track and trace event from the field and send it to the Tatmeen platform in the EPCIS format as required by the UAE Pharma Tatmeen Regulation. With many millions of codes to be captured, our state-of-the-art mobile application is focused on capturing and reporting on product movements / status scanning for the UAE Pharma Tatmeen Regulation in the most efficient way, with ease of use and ease of validation of the responses from the Tatmeen platform.

How It Works

Event Capture And Reporting

End-To-End Stakeholder Enablement

Track Micro-Level Products

Reduce loss by tracking down to the smallest unit of traceability​

Protect Against Counterfeits

Improve safety by preventing fraudulent pharmaceuticals from entering the supply chain. 

Enable Quick Product Recall

Trace pharmaceuticals backward through the supply chain to the point of origin for efficient recalls.


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